Prince William: This tender gesture towards Camilla that means a lot!

For a long time, relations between Prince William and the new Queen Consort, Camilla have been icy. It seems that the death of Queen Elizabeth II has brought the Prince of Wales and his mother-in-law closer.

A new era is opening for Prince William and his mother-in-law Camilla, the queen consort, after years of difficult relationship. Since the death of his mother, Princess Diana in 1996, the Prince of Wales has always distanced himself from the one who officially became his mother-in-law in 2005. This is revealed by the Daily Mail. But since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, relations between Prince William and the Queen Consort seem to have warmed up. This Saturday, September 10, they both attended a ceremony at St. James Palace, where King Charles III met with the Council of Accession. As they entered the room where the Archbishop of Canterbury and several senior government officials were present, the Prince of Wales extended his arm to Queen Camilla in a gesture of comfort.

Both stood behind the new king as he made his solemn declaration. They offered the image of a united family standing behind their sovereign, despite years of struggle for the new direct heir to the throne to come to terms with his new stepmother and the tragic loss of his mother. The origin of this conflicting relationship goes back several years. If his parents divorced in 1996, while the relationship between King Charles III and Princess Diana was broken since 1992, the infidelities of Charles III with Camilla Parker Bowles were at the origin of this decision.

Prince William and King Charles III, a relationship “better than it has ever been”

A source had told the Daily Mail last February that the relationship between the Prince of Wales and his father was “better than it had ever been”. The statement had come shortly after Queen Elizabeth II officially gave her blessing to Camilla to become queen consort in due course. The ceremony attended by the king, queen and heir to the throne this morning was for the first time in history captured by cameras, offering a glimpse of a centuries-old ceremony. It is the official recognition of the new sovereign.

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