Death of Elizabeth II: The surprise appearance of Princes William and Harry, Kate and Meghan, the Fab Four reunited in mourning

Time for reunification for William and Harry. It is an image that would surely have pleased the Queen of England: William, Harry and their wives together for the first time in many months. The two couples went to greet together, the crowd present in front of Windsor Castle, this September 10, 2022.

Four boys and girls in the wind. The grandchildren of the Queen of England, who died on September 8, 2022, finally appeared together, with their wives, for the first time in two years. An unfortunate occasion to renew ties, but William, Kate, Harry and Meghan, nicknamed the “Fab Four” by the press (Editor’s note: the nickname of the Beatles), have made the greatest pleasure to admirers and fans of the royal family, present en masse in front of Windsor Castle. This September 10, 2022, William and Harry buried the hatchet, at least in appearance, to show a united front to the orphaned people.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, as well as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, went to comfort the crowd: collecting bouquets, gathering expressions of affection, collecting hugs and condolences, they wished to thank those who had come to pay their respects to the Queen in front of the castle where she resided. The four stars of the British monarchy walked around for 40 minutes: William and Kate remained at a distance as protocol dictates, while Meghan and Harry multiplied the gestures of affection, holding hands. Their joint outing would be an initiative of Prince William: he would have proposed to his brother and sister-in-law to take a tour on the side of Windsor, the two couples residing near the royal residence. If Harry and Meghan will surely go back to the United States after the funeral of the Queen of England, they could at least talk with William and Kate. They had not planned to meet them during their stay in England, but their plans have been completely changed by the death of Elizabeth II.


Kate Middleton gives news of Prince Louis

Taking advantage of the crowd bath to talk with the subjects of Charles III, the new sovereign, Kate Middleton confided to children present on the spot the first words that his youngest son Louis said after learning the death of his great-grandmother. “Louis said ‘at least grandma is with grandpa now’,” Kate confided, according to sources in the Daily Mail. The facetious Louis had amused the whole world, including his great-grandmother, during the Jubilee ceremonies in June 2022: annoyed by the noise of the flypast, he had put both hands over his ears while screaming. Queen Elizabeth II, touched by her great-grandson, whispered words in his ear, pointing out the planes. Only 4 years old, Prince Louis shows a touching wisdom in evoking Prince Philip, whom he did not know very well, as he died more than a year ago.

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