Prince Albert II reflects on his mother Grace Kelly’s accident: “There was never any doubt in my mind

Grace Kelly tragically disappeared on September 14, 1982, victim of a road accident that occurred the day before while she was driving her daughter Stephanie to Paris. Forty years later, Albert of Monaco tells Nice-Matin about the circumstances of the accident.

While the whole world pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II who died on September 8, the hearts of Albert of Monaco and his sisters are occupied by the memory of their mother whose sudden death occurred 40 years ago. Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, lost her life in a car accident on September 13, 1982. A tragic day that transformed the life of Albert, then 24 years old, and plunged his father, Rainier, into infinite sadness. As with any fatal accident, at the time, doubts about the circumstances of the accident began to form in the minds of conspiracy theorists. For Grace Kelly’s son, there was never any uncertainty: “There was never any doubt in my mind” he explained to Nice Matin this Sunday, September 11, 2022.

Engine sabotaged by the mafia, car that would have been driven in reality by Stephanie … Theories and suppositions, each crazier than the other, began to emerge, like those surrounding the fatal accident of Lady Diana fifteen years later. The reality is much more basic: the Rover driven by Rainier’s wife went straight around a bend, before gliding and falling 40 meters away, after hitting some trees. Stephanie escaped with serious injuries, but Grace Kelly was too badly injured and died the next day in hospital. “I spoke to the people who were there: the rescue services, but also the doctors, to understand the circumstances of the accident, concluding that she had a stroke that caused her to lose consciousness in the car,” Albert of Monaco told Nice-Matin. The muse of Alfred Hitchcock, who died at 52, is still very present on the Rock and in the life of his family. However, Albert of Monaco intends to pay a modest tribute, without particular celebration.


Prince Albert II touched by the death of Elizabeth II

Albert and Charlene of Monaco spoke this Thursday, September 8, 2022 to present their condolences to the British royal family. Charlene expressed her sympathy to the relatives of the late Queen and her people. “I am deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a great lady whose dedication and sense of service were recognized in the world during her seventy years of reign,” wrote the wife of Albert II on Instagram. Albert II had also expressed “deep sadness” and offers his condolences to Charles III. “Her Majesty’s unwavering commitment and dedication during her reign was always extremely inspiring. She has truly represented the unity and dignity of the United Kingdom over the past seven decades,” he added.

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