Funeral of Elizabeth II: Princes William and Harry together again?

As the funeral of Elizabeth II approaches, some details of the ceremony have already leaked. According to the rare information obtained by the English press – and as recalled by the Daily Mail, this September 12 – Princes William and Harry could be reunited during the ceremony.

Following the death of Elizabeth II, which occurred on September 8, the members of the royal family have gathered to pay a last and vibrant tribute to her funeral on September 19. A sad reunion that also involves Princes William and Harry. Indeed, as underlined by the Daily Mail, this Monday 12 September, during the funeral of Elizabeth II, the two brothers could walk side by side during the ceremony, despite their previous disagreements.

Indeed, even if the details of the ceremony are not yet known, the first information reported by our English-speaking colleagues specify that Prince William and Prince Harry could follow together the coffin of their grandmother. An act not so insignificant as that because at the funeral of Prince Philip, in April 2021, the two brothers were separated by their cousin, Peter Phillips.


Princes Harry and William: soon reconciled?

On Saturday, September 10, Prince William and Harry had created the surprise by appearing before Buckingham Palace, together. Accompanied by their respective wives, the two brothers had shown themselves united in pain. In front of the crowd, the four members of the Royal family showed their unity. A reunion that was almost synonymous with reconciliation.

“There were moments of communication between the four,” Judi James had analyzed for the Mirror. However, still according to the expert, the Prince of Wales had “directed the choreography and it was he who held out his arm to signal Meghan to join the group.” Finally, if Prince William and Kate Middleton were at ease during their appearance, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had, as for them, only been able to rely on themselves for their first bath of crowd since their departure from the monarchy.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE



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