Camille Gottlieb in the open sea: Sublime photos and ultra trendy swimsuit!

Camille Gottlieb is determined to enjoy the summer and the sun until the last moment! She proved it once again by sharing on her Instagram account a series of summer shots, taken during a trip to the sea, with her half-sister Pauline Ducruet.

The dolce vita. Shortly after having dazzled Internet users by revealing herself in a purple bikini and the head protected by a bob signed by the designer Jacquemus, Camille Gottlieb has once again made his 91,800 followers dream. This Thursday, August 25, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco and Jean-Raymond Gottlieb shared a series of shots taken during a trip to the sea. The 24-year-old woman, who posed aboard a boat, was once again displayed in ultra-trendy swimwear. On the other photos, her subscribers could see that she was not alone during this maritime escapade. Camille Gottlieb was indeed granted an exit to Villefranche-sur-Mer, a town near Nice, alongside his half-sister Pauline Ducruet.


As evidenced by the few images revealed on social networks of the one who is nicknamed “Camilloush”, the siblings appeared very complicit during this day. The two half-sisters posed with ease in front of the camera, revealing their most beautiful smile … and their most beautiful swimsuit! Not surprisingly, these sublime summer photos have delighted the subscribers of Camille Gottlieb, who were many to comment on this publication. Maxime Giaccardi, Pauline Ducruet’s boyfriend, even allowed himself a little note of humor: “Do you have the number of the chick (the girl, ed. note) with you?” he asked Camille Gottlieb. “Maxime Giaccardi, I’m not sure she agrees. Pauline Ducruet I do what?”, retorted, amused, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco.


A complicit sibling

Despite the years and the passage of time, Camille Gottlieb has remained very close to her half-sister Pauline and her half-brother Louis Ducruet, fruits of the love between Stephanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet. At the beginning of August, the three grandchildren of Grace Kelly had already shown themselves happy and complicit during a boat trip. On the pictures posted on social networks, Internet users could discover photos of Camille Gottlieb and Pauline Ducruet resplendent in nature, as well as a funny picture of their brother Louis Ducruet. Indeed, on one of the photos unveiled, Marie Chevallier’s husband wore a bob of a famous brand of sausage. Who said that the Monegasque princely family lacked humor?

Photo credits: BEST IMAGE



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