Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: This request to the Sussex before the funeral of Elizabeth II

Buckingham has ordered Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle to settle their differences with the Prince and Princess of Wales before the Queen’s funeral on Monday, September 19.

Can the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II this Monday, September 19, be the driving force behind a reconciliation between Prince William and his brother Harry? Buckingham believes it. This is what the Mirror reveals, informed by people close to the Crown. According to this source, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would have been ordered to open the discussion with the Prince and Princess of Wales, in order to leave behind the old grudges. And the starting point for this reconciliation would be an apology for the harm caused by Harry and Meghan during the interview with Oprah Winfrey. “The infamous interview crossed a line, upsetting the Prince and Princess of Wales,” the source reveals to the tabloid.

The couple has been asked to “acknowledge the motives” behind the interview and this is before the queen’s funeral, which will be held on Monday. During this interview in 2021, the Sussexes had explained the reasons for their separation from the royal family, saying they felt “concerned” for the safety of their children. Meghan Markle had also revealed that the royal family had refused her help while she was suffering from depression. The interview had created a real earthquake within the British monarchy.


Prince William and Harry, reconciled in mourning?

The two brothers put aside their differences for the first time on Saturday 10 September. They appeared together, accompanied by their wives, at a walkabout in front of Windsor Castle. This was considered an important demonstration of unity by observers. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also joined William and Kate in a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening to welcome the coffin of the sovereign. The last time the couples had been seen in public as a foursome was in March 2020.

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  1. please forgive my complete transparency. But I am tired of you always dragging things in the mud and wanting Megan and Harry to apologize when there’s no request for the apology to go back it has to be a two-sided apology in my opinion. To be accused as to be ridiculous and to be unable to work with is very offensive that is their job is to meet the needs of these elites. I believe that the media needs to apologize to Megan as well and for future if you can’t say something wonderful, then I believe that the media need to stay out of their affairs and leave these two brothers alone. And stop blaming all the negativity against Megan and call her by her married name out of respect. To me That’s disrespecting the Queen.

    • Agreed! Totally agree! Unbelievable! It’s ok for Meghan & Harry to be discriminated against, to be victimised, the colour of their unborn child a concern so much as he’s denied security but they cross the line for speaking out the truth? They were being bullied but expected to keep the dirty little secrets. Meghan is accused of lying in the Oprah interview! It was Harry who informed her her what a senior Royal expressed re the colour of the then unborn Archie’s skin. I doubt Harry would allow Meghan to lie about something like that, especially on the Oprah show. Haters state H & M did it for fame. Both are already famous, so why would they need such fame! There is a ridiculous article by Princess Diana’s psychic predicting that Meghan would divorce Harry in 2.5 – 3 years, yet they seem happily married 4.5 years later!
      It was ok for Princess Diana to do a tell all tv interview and talk about her own suicide attempts and of throwing herself down the stairs and still being ignored by the then Prince Charles & RF but Diana was loved, believed and not hated! Now that’s double standards = discrimination!

  2. Harry n Meghan do not owe Will n Kate any apology. It’s the other way around. Will sent Jason K to court to go against Meg. Will called Meg hateful names n bullied her. There is no way H will apologize bc he did nothing wrong. The royal family/firm abused Meghan. RF should have treated her better n stood up for her against racist tabloids. Kate made Meg cry n didn’t correct it which caused more hate toward Meg. Kate could have said it didn’t happen. W/K leave nasty post of Meghan n Archie on their social media.

    • Charles did not stop being a working royal despite his despicable behavior with Camilla and towards Diana. How is it that he is forgiven and allowed to be King. Now withholding titles for his grandchildren makes him look like a terrible grandfather. Oh, I forgot, he does not want mixed raced royals, only conquered subjects. I pity Great Britain with a King who can’t even move an ink/pen tray aside on his own and loses patience with aides. Camilla is ruling, she rolled her eyes as if thinking: “Will you act like a grown up at least when the cameras are rolling?” William is probably the one asking about the color of Harry’s children before being born since he is so mad at his brother. Guilty consciences?

  3. Totally agree with you! Well said. How sad it is that there are double standards and discrimination. Very sad that the victims are being victimised. They have been crucified and found guilty without evidence. No matter what they do, it’s always going to be wrong and a no win situation. Typical of discrimination and haters.


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