Funeral of Elizabeth II: Why Prince George did not wear black?

During the funeral of Elizabeth II, Prince George was dressed in a navy blue suit. A surprising detail about which the American media People has, Monday 19 September, given an explanation.

A detail that did not go unnoticed. On Monday, September 19, the members of the Royal family were gathered in Westminster Abbey to pay a last and heartbreaking tribute to Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday, September 8. However, during the ceremony, Prince George‘s outfit surprised many viewers. If most of the guests and politicians present wore black or military uniforms, the son of Prince William was dressed in a navy blue suit.

Indeed, as the American magazine People pointed out on Monday 19 September, if Prince George, 9 years old, was in a navy blue suit, it is for a good reason. Probably, the color was a reference to the Royal Air Force uniform worn by his father, Prince William. It remains to be seen if this is the real reason or not… To this, and given the importance of the ceremony, the young prince wore during the ceremony a black tie.


Princess Charlotte: This sweet attention to the queen

Also present at the funeral of the Queen, Princess Charlotte has, by her outfit, paid a subtle tribute to her great-grandmother. Dressed in black, the daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton also wore a pretty brooch. And as the Mirror had pointed out, this famous brooch worn by the young woman of 7 years was none other than the badge of a horseshoe. A small jewel that refers to the great passion she shared with Elizabeth II for horses. Because during her lifetime, the late sovereign appreciated her animals as well as horse racing.

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