Camilla Parker Bowles, Queen Consort: How she plans to modernize the monarchy

Camilla Parker Bowles, who became queen consort on the death of Elizabeth II on Thursday, September 8, is already proving her sovereign credentials. According to The Express, the wife of Charles III is an asset to modernize the monarchy … Even if it means shaking up some ancestral codes.

Adapting to be and to last. In 2021, Elizabeth II had decided not to replace the mistress of the robes, Fortune FitzRoy, Duchess of Grafton, judging that the royal office was outdated. Queen consort since the death of the sovereign on Thursday, September 8, Camilla Parker Bowles already adopts this philosophy. The objective is to modernize the Firm, so named by George VI, in order to ensure the future of the dynasty. Another royal function, considered obsolete, should disappear. Gone are the officially appointed ladies-in-waiting. Neither the Queen Consort nor Kate Middleton, who were granted the right on their wedding day, have used them. A choice that marks the end of a time, because Lady Di, she had chosen.

According to The Express, this court of hand-picked aristocrats is outdated. In her time, Elizabeth II had surrounded herself with nine ladies-in-waiting. Of blue blood, they were confidants or childhood friends of Her Majesty. They were responsible, as their name suggests, for entertaining and supporting her on special occasions. They also read and signed some of the Queen’s letters with their title. Women, more or less all as old as the sovereign, who had committed themselves to serve her until death. They should now retire.

Will Camilla Parker Bowles have a dresser?

According to British historian Marlene Koenig, these ladies-in-waiting are likely to be the last to take on the role. She predicts that they will probably be replaced by a trusted assistant or private secretary. There is also the question of the Queen’s dresser. Angela Kelly may not be replaced. By giving up these few privileges, the Windsors are fulfilling a double objective. On the one hand, to polish the monarchy’s coat of arms by arguing the age of time and simplicity. On the other hand, to make the necessary savings, so that the taxpayer will continue to desire their maintenance on the throne of England.

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