Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

This September 19, 2022, the heads of state from around the world met at Westminster Abbey. Prince Albert II of Monaco was present at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II with his wife, Princess Charlene.

Princess Charlene accompanied her husband to London

Princess Charlene was born in 1978 in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), a former British possession. Charlene Wittstock’s family then moved to South Africa, where she had her first victories as a swimmer. Charlene is still very attached to the two royal families of her childhood: the British royal family as a Rhodesian and the Zulu royal family, very influential in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. Charlene was the only western royal to attend the funeral of the Zulu king in March 2021.

Prince Albert II of Monaco next to Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (Photo: video screen capture)


Prince Albert II had sent an official dispatch to the new King Charles III at the beginning of his reign. “Princess Charlene and I wish you every success in guiding the people of the United Kingdom and the many great nations of the Commonwealth,” the Monegasque head of state said. “I am confident that under your reign, peace and stability will continue to flourish.

Prince Albert II attends the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Regarding Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Albert said: “Her Majesty’s unwavering commitment and dedication during her reign have always been an inspiration; we will long remember and admire her. She has perfectly embodied the unity and dignity of the United Kingdom over the past seven decades.”

Prince Albert II shares the same interest in ecology and the environment as the new King Charles III, “I look forward to seeing the important work you have done throughout your life continue in the coming years.”

La princesse Charlène est assise à côté du roi Siméon II de Bulgarie (Photo : capture d’écran vidéo)


Prince Albert II of Monaco is the European monarch with the most distant royal cousin of any other monarch. For centuries, the princes of Monaco have married French or Italian nobles. However, the Monegasque ruler is indeed cousin to all royal families through his ancestor John William Friso of Orange, who was the stathouder of the Dutch provinces between 1696 and 1711. The British aristocrat, Lady Mary Victoria Hamilton, wife of Prince Albert I of Monaco, was the daughter of the 11th Duke of Hamilton and Princess Marie-Amélie de Bade, a descendant of John William Frisco of Orange. Elizabeth II is descended from John William Friso of Orange, through her grandmother, Mary de Teck, from a morganatic branch of the Wurtemberg family. The great-granddaughter of John William Friso of Orange had married Louis of Württemberg.

(Photo: Tim Rooke/ Shutterstock/ ISOPIX)



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