Princess Charlene’s little monsters for Halloween

Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella of Monaco celebrated Halloween this October 31, 2022. Their costume party seemed truly successful and Princess Charlene couldn’t resist sharing a snapshot of her children. Prince Jacques was dressed as Dracula.

Princess Charlene shares a photo of her twins in their Halloween costumes

The hereditary prince Jacques of Monaco changed his title for a night. The Marquis des Baux became Count Dracula, on this Halloween night. His sister, Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carladès, was also dressed up for the evening. She wore an orange witch dress inspired by a pumpkin.

The twins of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene, who are slowly approaching their 8th birthday, celebrated Halloween like hundreds of other Monegasque children on October 31. Although Halloween is not a tradition in Monaco, this festival has become established in the Principality as it has been established around the world. We also know how much Prince Albert is influenced by American culture, not to mention the Anglo-Saxon culture of Princess Charlene.


Jacques of Monaco dressed as Count Dracula before his mother’s departure for New York

It is not known where Albert and Charlene’s children spent their Halloween party, but it is certain that the Princely Palace can serve as a beautiful backdrop for a night full of chills. From the photo shared by their mom, it looks like decorations were put up to create a space with a Halloween atmosphere.

A few days ago, Princess Charlene shared a class photo of her children, which she accompanied with a message in which she marveled at how they were growing “so fast”.

Hereditary Prince Jacques, wearing white makeup to look like a vampire, and his sister, casting a spell with her crooked fingers, pose in front of a stained glass window and a table covered with an orange tablecloth and spider webs, giving the look of a haunted castle setting. This was the last evening that Princess Charlene was able to share with her children. She will now fly to New York, where she will attend the Princess Grace Awards this Thursday at 593 Park Avenue.

Photos credits : Bestimage



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