Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene radiant in New York to continue the work of Princess Grace on the 40th anniversary of her death

On November 3, 2022, the Princess Grace Foundation-USA presented its annual awards during a gala ceremony attended by Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene. The princely couple made a notable trip to support young artists and honor the memory of Princess Grace in her home country. Princess Charlene wore a very special necklace for the occasion.

The Princess Grace Foundation continues to support young American artists

The year 2022 was special for the Monegasque royal family. On September 14, it was the 40th anniversary of the death of Princess Grace of Monaco. In 1982, a few days after the death of his wife, Prince Rainier III established a foundation. The will of the Monegasque sovereign was to create a foundation in the image of his late wife and that “reflects his love for his native country and his deep dedication to the arts,” explains the foundation.

Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlene of Monaco in the presence of Brisa Carleton, President and CEO of the Princess Grace Foundation-USA and John F. Lehman, former Secretary of the Navy, Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Directors


The 40th anniversary could not take place without Prince Albert II, 64, son of former actress Grace Kelly, who became Princess of Monaco upon her marriage to Rainier III. Banker and writer John F. Lehman Jr, former Secretary of the Navy, is the current chairman of the foundation’s board of directors and Princess Caroline is the president of the foundation’s Monegasque branch. However, it is with his wife, Princess Charlene, 44, that Prince Albert II appeared at 583 Park Avenue on Thursday, November 3, 2022.

“Princess Grace brought arts and culture to Monaco while quietly supporting countless American entertainers and film artists. It is this legacy that inspires the Foundation’s mission.” The former actress’ American foundation has honored its mission for several decades, awarding scholarships in the arts in the form of prizes. Each year, the Princess Grace Awards are given to talented young people to help fund their projects, ideas or training.

The foundation organized its annual awards ceremony and commemorated the 40th anniversary of the disappearance of Princess Grace as well as the 40th anniversary of the foundation (


Princess Charlene accompanies Prince Albert II to New York for the 2022 Princess Grace Awards

Prince Albert II is accustomed to attending the Princess Grace Awards and making the trip to New York. He has attended the ceremony in the past with his eldest daughter, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, and frequently it is his wife who accompanies him. This year, for the 40th anniversary of the foundation, Princess Charlene made the trip, definitely recovered from her health problems.

Princess Charlene wears the necklace “La Vie en Rose” for the first time

Radiant, the princess with very short platinum blonde hair, wore a pictorial dress. Peonies, irises, roses and forget-me-nots dotted this long dress that had a short train. It was especially around the neck of the princess that the attention of the photographers was focused. The princess wore a necklace made by Lorenz Bäumer, a jeweler from the Place Vendôme.

Princess Charlene radiant in a painted flower dress


The necklace called “La Vie en Rose” was worn for the very first time during this exceptional evening. More pictures and explanations about the diamond and the necklace in this article. The jewel has a special pink stone in its center, cut by the House of Mazerea. This stone, called the “Grace Diamond”, comes from an Australian mine and was shaped specifically to become a symbol of Princess Grace’s presence. The stone concentrates all the heritage of the princess and will be mounted in the years to come on different jewels.

Princess Charlene is wearing the Maison Mazerea Grace diamond for the very first time, mounted by Lorenz Bäumer on the “La Vie en Rose” necklace

The first piece of jewelry to feature the Grace diamond is the necklace “La Vie en Rose” worn this Thursday in New York by Princess Charlene. Within a year, the diamond will be replaced by another pink stone and the necklace will be auctioned. The diamond will then be mounted on another precious jewel.

The lucky recipients of a scholarship were treated to a spectacular evening in one of New York’s most prestigious venues. They received their prize from the hands of the princely couple and the various personalities present. Christopher Le Vine Jr, godfather of hereditary prince Jacques of Monaco and nephew of Grace Kelly, was present with his wife Vicky.

Photos credits: Histoire Royales



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