Jacques of Monaco: Prince Albert II and Charlene’s son already rules over a French village

Jacques of Monaco, the son of Albert II and his wife Charlene inherited the title of marquis of one of the most beautiful French villages at his birth, as the website Hello Monaco recalled in late October.

Being a prince gives sometimes very surprising advantages. Indeed, because of his birth, Prince Jacques of Monaco, only 7 years old, reigns over a village in France. And not just any village since it is one of the most beautiful in the country. Indeed, the fief of the latter was granted to Prince Honoré II of Monaco, Hercule Grimaldi by the French king Louis XIII in 1641, reported the website Hello Monaco on October 30.

It was a way for France to thank the Principality for its contribution during the Thirty Years War. The title of Marquis of Baux-de-Provence was therefore passed to Prince Albert II’s young son, Prince Jacques, at his birth on December 10, 2014. The reason? The title is traditionally held by the hereditary prince of Monaco. Les Baux-de-Provence is part of the Grimaldi Historical Sites Association of Monaco. The place is full of places witnessing its tumultuous past like the citadel or the medieval castle.

Children who complement each other

If the son of Albert II and Charlene reigns over a village, it does not prevent him from having the activities of all small children of his age, such as going to school or celebrating Halloween with his twin sister Gabriella. And these moments are often documented on the social networks of their mother. The latter does not hesitate to post the hair tests of her daughter on her brother or herself. She had commented thus one of these famous tests in September: “Gabriella offered to herself, as well as to her brother, a new haircut! Impatient that the school resumes on Monday… “

On October 31, Princess Charlene had revealed the disguises of her children for Halloween. If the son of the former swimmer had opted for a vampire costume, makeup more real than life on the face in premium, his sister had chosen that of a witch. As Prince Albert II revealed to People magazine in 2021, his daughter is “outgoing” and “has a sharp tongue” while his son is “a great observer” who “loves to assess the situation” before taking the plunge. Twins who complement each other well, even if only one of them will be reigning over the principality in a few years.

Photo credits: Olivier Huitel / Pool Monaco / Bestimage



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