Prince Albert of Monaco reunites with his ex Nicole Coste… This picture will not please Charlene

This Monday, November 7, Albert of Monaco took advantage of his escapade with his wife in New York to find his children born out of wedlock … and therefore his ex Nicole Coste.

This Monday, November 7, Prince Albert of Monaco offered himself a moment with his family. He was photographed with his two children born out of wedlock, Jazmin and Alexandre, whom he publicly acknowledged rather late in an interview with Larry King. A reunion, shared on Instagram by his ex stylist Nicole Coste, who was also present. An interview about which Charlene of Monaco could have gritted her teeth. Also in New York (United States) with her husband, the princess is far from getting along with this ex of the father of her children.

The two women have long been compared and juxtaposed in the media. Some press titles did not hesitate to headline “Albert and his two companions”. An animosity that has increased during the marriage of Charlene and Albert of Monaco. In an interview given to Paris Match in September 2022 on the occasion of the 18th birthday of her son, Nicole Coste confided that Charlene had installed Alexander in the wing of the employees during the wedding. A pill, which is not yet passed. And for good reason: she was the concubine of Albert of Monaco for five years. Just this year, she declared thus: “Our son was born of a love and recognized, therefore wanted by God. To continue to say or write that our son is an illegitimate child is incorrect and insulting.”

Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste without rights to the Principality

An idyll that did not overlap with that of the Rock couple, who met two years after the birth of this child. Albert of Monaco, however, has committed to watch over his son, including financially. Stephanie of Monaco is also the godmother. Nevertheless, like Jazmin Grace of Monaco, born of a brief affair between Prince Albert and Tamara Rotolo, Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste has no place in the order of succession to the throne. However, he will have his share of inheritance from Prince Albert’s personal fortune.

Charlene of Monaco’s twins, Jacques and Gabriella, known as “legitimate” because of the religious marriage of their parents, will inherit. The Monegasque principality is still subject to the Salic law, which provides for male primogeniture (in other words, any boy has priority over the Crown even if he is born after several sisters). Prince Jacques is therefore the dauphin of Albert of Monaco.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE



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