King Charles III and Camilla break the protocol: a surprising picture revealed!

On a trip to Yorkshire, King Charles III and Camilla have broken the protocol for a beautiful cause. Facts explained by Hello Magazine this Wednesday, November 9.

The person of the king is sacred, the protocol is that it is forbidden to touch the person sitting on the throne of England. Thus, Elizabeth III held out her hand to be kissed or shaken, always gloved and according to her will. While traveling in Yorkshire, her successor Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowles admirably broke this rule. They agreed to meet a little boy in particular and take him by the hand.

Jason Tweedie-Long, five years old, is an avid fan of the royal couple. He is also visually impaired, as Hello Magazine explained on Wednesday, November 9. In order to allow him to realize his dream, his parents wrote to the Council of York who organized a quality moment with his idols. Thus the King and Queen of England posed at his side, arming themselves with the best means of communication they had so that he would remember it: touch. Visibly overjoyed, the little boy shows a big smile illuminated at the sides of the sovereigns.

King Charles III, a king close to the people?

It is not the first time that Elizabeth’s son accepts that his people approach him very closely. Shortly after the death of his mother on September 8, the monarch had been kissed on the cheek by a woman who thought he “looked sad. Gestures that contribute to modernize the British monarchy and especially to humanize it at the time of the advent of a new king, a delicate moment by nature. Although quite popular (60% of his subjects believe that he will be a good king), Charles III has to face some detractors. On the same day, a demonstrator tried to throw eggs at him to express his desire for lèse-Majesté. He shouted “this country was built on the blood of slaves” during his interpellation.

Photo credits: Agency / Bestimage



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