Princess Charlene of Monaco will make a symbolic decision for the National Day after the secret meeting in New York

After being surprised in New York by Prince Albert of Monaco, who saw his ex again, Charlene of Monaco could skip the National Day on November 19 as last year. She could indeed punish her “man”.

The first lady of the Rock was hurt last year by the interview with Nicole Coste, the mother of Alexander, the mother of the eldest son of the Monegasque sovereign prince.
In the interview that accompanied the photos of the young man who celebrated his 18th birthday, his mother, Nicole Coste, claimed that Charlene of Monaco, would have sent her son, “who is mixed race, in the servants’ quarters.

“Everyone knows that such a bomb could only be launched with the agreement, even tacit, of the palace,” regretted a friend of Charlene, contacted by Elle magazine.

For his part, Prince Albert assured that he had not given his approval.
“In the particular case of this article concerning Madame Coste, I obviously did not know what she was going to publish,” he explained. She had just informed me that she was going to put something out, I thought it would just be a birthday photo. It was inappropriate, I was furious to discover that.


The meeting of Prince Albert with his ex to revive some wounds in the swimmer, who could impasse on November 19 on the National Day, probably the most important holiday of the year.

And it would avoid at the same time to cross the Prince Caroline of Monaco who would not be on his tablets.
Last year, the magazine Voici said that she had agreed “to come with conditions, starting with the most vital for her: agree to attend the official performances, but with the assurance that Caroline, with whom it has always been tense and complicated, is not there.

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