Princess Charlene of Monaco: this man dear to her heart seen during the national holiday

This November 19, it was the national holiday in the principality. The opportunity to see the Grimaldi clan reunited and especially, to see among the princely family, the ally in all circumstances of Charlene of Monaco.

All the Grimaldi clan was gathered for the occasion. Charlene of Monaco, absent for months from the Rock, stuck in South Africa after health problems, made a remarkable appearance at the national holiday held on November 19. Accompanied by her husband, Prince Albert, and their two adorable twins, dressed up for the occasion, the princess shone with her style, elegant in a long white coat and a black hat. Under her long gloves, manicured nails. An unexpected black varnish for a princess who has often shone for her little rock-n-roll side.

By their side, the sisters of Albert II, Caroline of Monaco his eldest, and Stephanie, the last of the siblings, were proud to appear with their children and their grandchildren. On the balcony of the palace, the latter, with their adorable faces, did not fail to make the show. More discreetly, a member of Princess Charlene’s family was in the assembly. It is Gareth Wittstock, her brother. The 42-year-old businessman appeared alongside the members of the royal family, wearing a full suit, his wife on his arm. He has been living in the principality for more than ten years and obtained Monegasque nationality with the agreement of his brother-in-law Albert II last April. He is very active on the Rock, notably through the Princess Charlene Foundation, of which he is the general secretary.Gareth Wittstock, Charlene’s ally on the Rock

Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COMCharlene’s brother Gareth Wittstock


Born two years after Charlene in South Africa, Gareth Wittstock made the choice to follow his sister, and to come and settle in Monaco. In 2015, he married Roisin Galvin, a former dancer. Together, they had a baby girl named Kaia-Rose. A little cousin for the twins of Monaco, whom they are delighted to meet at family reunions. Gareth Wittstock, a brother on whom Princess Charlene can count on the Rock, his other brother Sean remained living in South Africa. Proof of their attachment, Charlene of Monaco is the godmother of Kaia-Rose, and Gareth Wittstock, the godfather of Gabriella.

Photo credits: Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COM



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