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Princess Anne: the major and prestigious role entrusted to her by King Charles III

Princess Anne will not be far from her brother on Tuesday 7 November. King Charles III is due to deliver an eagerly awaited speech to members of the British Parliament. For the occasion, he has entrusted his sister with an important role.

King Charles III is due to address Parliament on Tuesday 7 November. The King will deliver his first Speech from the Throne, which, as King, will set out the British Government’s priorities for the opening of the parliamentary session. This is not a completely new exercise for him. When he was still heir, in May 2022, he had already appeared before the elected representatives on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, who was in poor health. This time, however, Charles III will officiate as Sovereign and had a say in the organisation of the speech. In particular, he wanted his sister, Princess Anne, to have a very specific role.

For her decades of loyalty, Zara and Peter Philips’ mother will act as the ‘Gold-Stick-in-Waiting’. This role, which she previously had for her brother’s coronation, is traditionally given to someone who is trusted to keep the monarch safe. “This is a fantastic addition from the King and further strengthens the Princess Royal’s role as the most trusted lieutenant,” a source told the Mirror. Princess Anne will therefore accompany Charles to the House of Lords, sitting in a carriage that will follow the King and Queen Consort in the procession.

Princess Anne honours many commitments

All her life, the daughter of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip has been at the service of the British Crown. In recognition of her dedication, and that of her brother Prince Edward, King Charles III appointed them as Councillors of State last December, following a change in the law. Princess Anne, like Prince William and Princess Beatrice, can now act in place of the monarch if he falls ill, is abroad or is unable to perform his duties. Princess Annen’s involvement with the Royal Family has been unstinting for many years, so this possibility would in no way disrupt her daily life. Her honoured engagements, particularly alongside her brother, number in the hundreds every year.

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  1. The Princess Royal should have been able to become queen and rule just as her mother did! She is strong, smart and knowlgeable! Much more so than K3.

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