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Racist scandal at the Windsor house: what really happened?

In his book ENDGAME, published in the UK on 28 November, Omid Scobie examines the future of the British Crown and denounces the dissension that reigns within the Windsor family. In this new essay, he chooses not to reveal the names of the two alleged racists in the royal family. But in the Dutch version, the names do appear… So what happened?

The case is making headlines in the British press. While the explosive revelations in Omid Scobie’s book Fin de règne (End of the Reign) about the British Crown are causing a lot of ink to flow, a few lines from the book are causing a real outcry! In the English version, Omid Scobie chooses not to name the members of the royal family accused by Meghan Markle of having expressed “concerns” about the skin colour of her future son Archie. Two names that the couple had chosen not to reveal in front of Oprah Winfrey in 2021.

Two names that appear in private letters exchanged between Charles and the Duchess of Sussex. But while the British journalist confesses to knowing them, he explains that the laws of the United Kingdom prevent him from mentioning them. The same applies to the French version. “In reality, these private letters included two names that I am not allowed to reveal,” explains Omid Scobie in Fin de règne, available from Editions du Seuil in France on 1 December.

But surprise, the Dutch translation seems to name the two people in question! Royal Dutch journalist Rick Evers revealed on his X account (ex-Twitter) the first name in black and white, with a supporting page. As for the second, it is mentioned more vaguely on the following pages. It should be noted that the Dutch version makes no mention whatsoever of any legal aspect. The author’s Dutch publishers immediately withdrew copies of the book from sale at the request of the American agents. The book is therefore no longer available in the Netherlands. When questioned by Gala, the publishing house reacted. “The corrected edition of Omid Scobie’s Eindstrijd will be in bookshops on Friday 8 December. Xander Uitgevers has temporarily withdrawn the book from sale due to an error in the Dutch edition”, we were told, without agreeing to give any further details.

Omid Scobie reacts

A “mistake”? The question on everyone’s lips is: how could a name have been mistranslated? Although the two names of the members of the Royal Family were revealed on social networks, and also by Piers Morgan live on television, which is currently causing an uproar in the UK and consternation at Buckingham Palace, it is currently impossible to know whether they are the correct identities and who wanted to reveal them. Faced with the controversy, Omid Scobie spoke out on the matter on the morning of 30 November on ITV News. He refuted the accusation that it was a publicity stunt. “I never submitted a book with those names in it…” he said. This evening, the Dutch translator of Omid Scobie’s book stated that the names of the two alleged “royal racists” did indeed appear in the manuscript she received…

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