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Accusations of racism in the Royal family: Two names revealed, the Palace fumes!

The accusations of racism in the Royal Family, publicly revealed by Meghan Markle in 2021, are still causing a lot of ink to flow. The subject was broached on British television on Wednesday 30 November, with two names of the accused revealed by a journalist.

The controversy has been raging since March 2021. It began following an interview given by Meghan Markle and Harry to journalist Oprah Winfrey. The Montecito-based actress reported racist remarks made by members of the Crown about the skin colour of her unborn baby, Archie. Since then, a number of accused names have been the subject of rumours. And in recent days, with Omid Scobie’s new book, Fin de règne, a new shock wave has been sent out. And for good reason: the edition translated in the Netherlands seems to have accidentally revealed the identities of two members of the royal family linked to these disparaging remarks.

The writer, who is close to Meghan Markle, defended himself, saying that he knew the names but had never wanted to include them in his writing. On the other hand, Piers Morgan, a British journalist and television presenter, made a completely different choice. On his TalkTV programme, he revealed the two royals involved in the accusations of racism. While our Mirror colleagues chose not to reveal the names, they did obtain Buckingham Palace’s reaction to Piers Morgan’s announcement. Charles III’s official residence said it was “considering all options”, including legal action, against the British journalist.

Piers Morgan explains why he revealed the two names

According to our British colleagues, Piers Morgan explained to viewers that he did not believe “that racist comments had ever been made by a member of the Royal Family”. He felt that the British people should be aware of information that was mistakenly revealed in another country: “Frankly, if the Dutch people who walk into a bookshop can find it and see these names, then you, the British people here, who pay for the British Royal Family, have a right to know as well”. The Dutch version of Fin de règne, a book written by Omid Scobie, has finally been withdrawn from sale while changes are made to the passage concerning accusations of racism in the royal family.

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  1. Megan and Harry were given everything and have thrown it all away. They haven’t the work ethic and sense of decorum and class it takes and its now time for the king to remove all their titles as they cannot be allowed to go on like this. The Royal family work so hard to maintain the wonderful legacy that they have inherited and so should not have to put up with this pair. It is un-describable the sense of good will the royal family give to Britain and the rest of the world. William Kate and family are the future we can be proud of.

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