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People can’t get enough of kilted Major Johnny Thompson, King Charles’s equerry

King Charles’ visits resume in 2023. During his much talked about trip to Manchester, King Charles III was accompanied by Queen Camilla but also by his squire, Major Johnny Thompson. The young man steals the show from the king since the first days of his reign, because of his physique that does not leave the British indifferent.

Major Thompson’s first appearance in 2023

On September 12, 2022, the fourth day of King Charles III’s reign, a new character in the new sovereign’s entourage made his media appearance. As King Charles III attended one of the first solemn ceremonies of his reign, at Westminster Hall, Major Johnny Thompson received his first articles in the British press.


The appearance of the new squire of the king, who appeared briefly at the ceremony of condolences of parliamentarians, had generated a certain frenzy on social networks. “Major Jonathan Thompson, or “Johnny Hot T”, the king’s divine squire”, was the headline in Paris Match a few days later. The magazine devoted an article to him because of “his kilt and his charm” that “made him a viral phenomenon.”

The magazine Elle also devoted an article to this former Scottish guard of Queen Elizabeth II “became viral on Twitter or TikTok since many Internet users find it very sexy. Since the reign of Charles III, Major Johnny Thompson has become the squire of the sovereign and follows him like an assistant, which multiplies the opportunities to see him. “Multiple videos show the man in his uniform behind the king and everyone raves about his beauty,” says Elle.

King Charles III is greeted by Major Thompson (back) as he exits the Royal Train upon his arrival in Manchester on January 20, 2023 (Photo: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire/ABACAPRESS.COM)

That January 20, 2023, King Charles III was making several visits to Greater Manchester. The sovereign had traveled on the Royal Train for the first time since the beginning of his reign, a trip that has caused much reaction in the British press because of its cost. But the presence of the squire of King Charles was also noticed by the press, itself alerted by the messages that multiplied about him on social networks.

The attractive squire of King Charles III is the talk of the town

King Charles was joined by Queen Camilla to make some visits to Manchester on Friday. The queen consort did not accompany him everywhere, as during this visit to a factory of Kellogg’s cereals, in Trafford, in the suburbs of Manchester. All the attention was therefore focused on the king’s other companion, his equerry.

Major Thompson, born in 1983, married to Caroline and a father, never leaves his kilt and all the Scottish paraphernalia. King Charles’ equerry is discreet, yet the photographers at the event photographed him almost as much as the King. Major Thompson had long been spotted by royal observers as one of Queen Elizabeth II’s bodyguards, however his new role as Squire allows him to be seen more often.

Major Jonathan Thompson, aka Johnny Thompson or Johnn Hot-T on social media, accompanied King Charles III on his visit to the Kellogg’s factory in Trafford on Friday, Jan. 20, 2023 (Photo: Paul Ellis/PA Photos/ABACAPRESS.COM)

Major Ollie Plunket and Major Johnny Thompson: The Squire’s Seduction Competition

Queen Camilla has also surrounded herself with a new team since the beginning of her husband’s reign. The Queen Consort, who has not returned to the tradition of ladies-in-waiting, also has her own squire. Major Ollie Plunket, appointed as the Queen Consort’s equerry, competed with King Charles’ equerry. Ollie Plunket, whose full name is Oliver David Conyngham Plunket, has also had a slew of articles highlighting his good looks since he appeared at Westminster Abbey on December 15, 2022, during the Christmas concert hosted by the Princess of Wales.

For Point de Vue, the historian Philippe Delorme devoted an article to this attractive squire of Irish origin, born in 1994, who enjoys a “flood of admirers”. The magazine specialized in royalties specified that unlike Major Johnny Thompson, Major Ollie Plunket is single. “It’s enough to make any heart skip a beat.

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  1. would not mind if he was my body guard he looks so attentive. remember seeing him watching harry and medusa at the jubilee i think to make sure they were behaving

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