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King Charles III’s Christmas speech: why it will mark a real turning point

King Charles III wants to mark the renewal of the royal family. The first example, and not the least, is the Christmas tree, which has a very special feature this year.

This Monday 25 December, King Charles III will deliver his traditional Christmas speech, and it promises to be a memorable one. As reported by the Twitter account Gert’s Royals, which keeps a very close eye on the British royal family, the first photo from the King’s speech says a lot about his commitments. Charles III can be seen posing in front of a gigantic Christmas tree, all lit up and beautifully decorated. Commonplace, you might think, but not really.

This year, Camilla’s husband is making his speech in front of a living tree, i.e. one in a pot, and still with its roots. The aim: to have the tree replanted after the Christmas holidays. A very ecological gesture, a cause that is precious to Charles III. Another important detail is that the tree’s decorations are natural or sustainable (made of wood, paper, dried fruit or pine cones). A gesture that nature is sure to appreciate!

King Charles III’s Christmas speech: what can we expect?

According to royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, Charles III should pay a warm tribute to Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, but not only that. His message to the nation should be resolutely “positive”, but also “focused on his role as a symbol of national continuity and unity”. The Sovereign is also expected to address social issues of concern to the British people, such as the cost of living and the war in Ukraine and Palestine, and to call for every effort to be made to protect the environment.

Photo credits: Roya Family

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