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Eugenie of York pregnant: Prince Edward directly affected

This Tuesday, January 24, Eugenie of York announced the happy news on social networks: the princess is pregnant with her second child. After a little August born in February 2021, another royal baby should show the tip of his nose next summer. This is not without consequence on the other members of the royal family …

Pink book! Princess Eugenie of York, daughter of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew announced that she is pregnant with a second child. A happy news shared on social networks that rejoices the members of the royal family. After the coronation of Charles III next May, here is a new event coming this summer that should delight the British. But every birth in the Windsor family has consequences… in the order of succession to the throne! Prince Edward, the last son of the late Queen Elizabeth II is directly impacted by the arrival of this newborn!

Eugenie of York, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, currently 11th in the order of succession will see her second child added to the line of succession. If August, her first son, is in 12th position, her second child will be 13th. Prince Edward, the last son of Queen Elizabeth II and the younger brother of Prince Andrew, will go down one step to 14th position. It should not be forgotten that Eugenie has an older sister, Beatrice, 9th in the order of succession to the British throne. Her daughter, the little Sienna born in September 2021, occupies the 10th place. If Princess Beatrice decides to have another child, in the footsteps of her sister, which is far from impossible, the order of succession would again be turned upside down. The same would happen if Kate Middleton announced a fourth pregnancy: all the members of the family, except her husband William and her three children, would move back a step.


George, Harry, Eugenie: the order of succession to the British throne revealed

To recap, Charles III is king, Prince William is his direct heir, followed by his three children, in the order of their birth, George, Charlotte and Louis. Then follow Prince Harry and his two children, Archie and Lilibet. Then come Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, Sienna, Princess Eugenie, August and the newborn announced for next summer. In 14th position comes finally Prince Edward, his children, then Princess Anne and all her family.

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