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Zara Tindall intimate: Princess Anne’s daughter open about her three pregnancies

During an interview conducted by her husband, Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Tindall, let herself go to some confidences on her private life, especially on how she apprehended her return to riding after her pregnancies and the physical transformations they caused.

It is an extraordinary interview, as much for the interviewer as for the interviewee. This Tuesday, January 24, the equestrian auction company Magic Millions broadcast on its YouTube channel the first episode of its new show Mike Drop presented by Mike Tindall, former rugby player and brand ambassador. And what better guest than his wife Zara Tindall, equestrian champion and daughter of Princess Anne, to open the show? After appearing on a popular Australian reality show, the couple, who recently slipped away from the UK for a few days, found themselves in a strange and amusing Q&A about their lives and the equestrian performances of the rider.

During this exchange, husband and wife came back on their marriage with humor, but also on Zara Tindall’s pregnancies and on the difficulties she met to find her physicality as a rider: “It was difficult to get back in shape when you have been riding for 25 years, and your body is no longer capable of it. Your muscles don’t do anything, they stretch and create something incredible, but it’s totally different. Doing everything to get back to your old body was, in my opinion, hard work,” she said, about the time after the birth of her first daughter Mia, in 2014.


Trust issues between Zara Tindall and her husband?

Despite these difficulties, Zara Tindall still welcomed her luck in having a daughter interested in the world of horsemanship too and ready to witness her mom’s exploits: “But she was there too and very attracted to the performances, which is easier in these conditions. I found it hard to get back into it too. Mentally, as a mother, you feel guilty to leave your child to go and do something else” confessed the mother of Mia, Lena and Lucas.

A remark on which the son-in-law of Princess Anne wanted to rebound: “Was it because you did not trust the dad?” he joked. “I had to call you every day to make sure you were doing things right,” retorted the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, laughing. But you feel guilty, I feel guilty all the time, but it’s just part of my life now,” she said. Fortunately, Zara Tindall can count on the support of her husband and the love of her children to sometimes forget this guilt that all parents can feel.

Photo credits: YouTube screenshot / Magic Millions

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