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Elizabeth II: this “golden rule” that Catherine Princess Of Wales chose to break

As reported by Hello magazine this Sunday, January 29, Catherine Princess Of Wales has not at all followed the tradition established by Elizabeth II, during her lifetime, by confiding openly about her culinary preferences.

This Sunday, January 29, Hello magazine returned to this important instruction within the British royal family, which Catherine Princess Of Wales has deliberately chosen to ignore. Indeed, even if Elizabeth II reigned for 70 years, until her last breath on September 8, at the age of 96, the Queen of England has never openly said what was her favorite dish. The golden rule is that she respected, keeping the subject secret, even if it was known that she was fond of chocolate cakes for dessert.

For her part, the Princess of Wales preferred to play the card of transparency regarding her eating habits. The wife of Prince William has broken with the tradition of the late sovereign by confiding her love of cooking. This first goes back to the year 2018, when Kate Middleton was visiting the Great Ormond Street Hospital, located in London. At that time, she had spoken with a 4-year-old patient named Rafael Chana, who was waiting to receive a heart transplant. The youngster told the Duchess of Cambridge that he loved olives. The mother of George, Charlotte and Louis had then not failed to tell her, with amusement, that she “used to eat also many, many olives when [she] was little”.

A Princess fan of spicy food

Very interested in Kate Middleton‘s statements, the little boy then told her that he also liked pasta a lot. The Princess of Wales took the opportunity to tell him that her 7 year old daughter also liked this starch, star of Italian cuisine.

The royal journalist Rebecca English had then specified, on Twitter, that the duchess had revealed, during this trip to the hospital, that she “encourages [little Charlotte], as well as Prince George, to cook with her”. In addition, the wife of Prince William had revealed, during a trip to Scotland with him, that she was a fan of curry and spicy dishes. Statements that would never have made the Queen Elizabeth II.

According to the former correspondent of the Telegraph, Gordon Rayner, who had collected the words of a collaborator of the late monarch, she preferred to cultivate the mystery, to have more surprises from a culinary point of view: “If she had said she had a favorite meal, she would never have been served anything else.” This explains her discretion on the subject…

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