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“It’s his son and he loves him”: King Charles III wants Prince Harry at his coronation

Forgiveness and reconciliation against all odds? King Charles III would be well decided to invite Prince Harry to his coronation on May 6. Leaving the quarrels on the square of the abbey, the monarch would like his youngest son to attend the “most important event of his life”.

We thought the reconciliation impossible after the shocking revelations of Prince Harry in Spare, available since January 10. And yet, King Charles III could well have heard the calls of his youngest son who declared loud and clear, during his interview with the American television channel ITV News, wanting “to get his father back”. According to sources close to him, echoed by Vanity Fair magazine, the successor to Queen Elizabeth II has told friends that he hopes to re-establish contact with his son, even though he crossed the red line by calling Queen Consort Camilla “dangerous” and “nasty”. As a token of peace, the monarch would be ready to invite the Duke of Sussex and his family to his coronation on May 6.

“King Charles is an indulgent person by nature, and he wants to move on,” a person close to the sovereign confessed to our confreres. “Whatever has been said and done, Harry is still his son and he loves him. He can not imagine being crowned, the most important moment of his life, without his two sons being witnesses of this moment”, argues another. The current may however be icy between them, Prince William did not appreciate the revelations of his youngest on their disagreements and the description made of Kate Middleton. If a reconciliation now seems possible between the father and his son, that between the two brothers remains more than uncertain.

Prince Harry, a diversion too risky?

If the brotherly trust is broken between princes William and Harry, the heir to the British throne would also and above all fear that the presence of his little brother overshadows the rest of the royal family in this extremely important day for the monarchy. The Mail on Sunday revealed that the Prince of Wales is not in favor of this invitation because he fears that the rebel couple will take advantage of it to attract attention.

Our American confreres nevertheless recall that they were present at the celebrations of the Queen’s platinum jubilee last June, and they proved that they could be discreet. Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their children did not participate in the Trooping the Colour parade and did not sit in the Royal box for the special concert in front of Buckingham Palace.

It has already been agreed that only the active members of the Royal family would make an appearance on the balcony following the coronation of King Charles III, which automatically excludes the Sussexes, but also Prince Andrew.

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