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Meghan Markle, her biographer lashes out at Catherine Princess Of Wales: “I admire her but…”

Omid Scobie, British journalist and biographer of Meghan Markle, did not miss Catherine Princess Of Wales in an article published on Yahoo news this Wednesday, February 1. Very critical of the Royalty, unlike many of his British colleagues, the expert pointed to one of the major dysfunctions of the Firm.

His speech is unlike any other. Omid Scobie, journalist in charge of the royalty section of Yahoo news and biographer of Meghan Markle, is not afraid to put words on the dysfunctions of the British Crown. At 41, the author of Finding Freedom has observed enough of the monarchy to understand what its weak points are.

That’s why this Wednesday, February 1, the writer tackled a sensitive subject, namely Kate Middleton. Or at least the inefficiency of her many commitments. The title of the article announces the color: “I admire the work of Princess Kate in favor of early childhood, but to have an impact, it takes more than a simple ‘awareness’ “

Omid Scobie does not criticize the Princess of Wales directly but rather the lack of concrete decisions regarding the great causes supported by the Firm. Having become a patron of The Art Room, a non-profit organization that uses art therapy to build confidence and self-esteem in young children, in 2012, Kate Middleton has always claimed that her goal was to “make a difference for generations to come.” But as the British journalist points out in his article, now is not the time for fine words but for action. “After 12 years of work, the results seem very light”, he dares before reporting the frustrations of the organizations involved.

“I hope she will eventually prove me wrong”

“We are used to MPs and royalty visiting early childhood facilities, praising the invaluable work of practitioners… but nothing is done,” lament early childhood practitioners. “We need action, investment and long-term funding in the sector,” they say. Kate Middleton‘s interest in her issues is no longer in question. Her press officers reaffirmed to Omid Scobie the unfailing commitment and the desire to move the lines of the wife of Prince William. “Right now she’s listening and learning… in the future she hopes to find practical ways to contribute,” her palace aide told the reporter.

The launch of an awareness campaign around children’s mental health this week is the third “landmark” decision by the Princess of Wales on the subject since she joined the royal family. “The message is essential and she makes a serious point, but no matter how many versions we hear, it is unlikely that Kate‘s hope and wish will provide the necessary solutions,” argues Omid Scobie in his column. He concludes doubtfully, “Given that Kensington Palace claims this is ‘her life’s work,’ I hope she eventually proves me wrong.”

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