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Coronation of King Charles III: this idea that he plans to steal from Catherine Princess Of Wales

A few weeks before the coronation of King Charles III, preparations for the event are in full swing. According to an expert interviewed by the Daily Express this Sunday, February 5, the son of Queen Elizabeth II could be inspired by his daughter-in-law for the D-day.

The coronation of Charles III will take place on May 6. The opportunity for the son of Queen Elizabeth II to lay the foundations of his reign. As reported by the Daily Express on Sunday, February 5, Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband could borrow an idea from his daughter-in-law Kate Middleton for this occasion. The latter had, in fact, insisted on recreating part of her beloved campaign for her wedding to Prince William in April 2011. How? By installing English maples in the church to create what was described as a “living avenue”.

The choice was made with respect for the environment as the trees were replanted after the wedding. King Charles III, then Prince of Wales, even planted some of the trees in front of his home in Llwynywermod, Wales. In this vein, Charles III might take a cue from the Princess of Wales in planning his coronation. “I think there will be a message about climate and maybe they’ll do what they did at William and Catherine‘s wedding,” Dr. George Gross, a visiting scholar in theology at King’s College London, told the Daily Express.

The environment at the heart of the coronation?

Coronations have historically been used to send messages to the country, whether of continuity or a new era ahead. “The timing of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation was a new era, the end of rationing, the liberation from World War II,” explained George Gross, before adding, “I would be surprised if, because the climate had been such an important issue for him (Charles III, ed. note) throughout his life, it was not represented in some way at his coronation.”

It must be said that Charles III has been leading a fight for decades to warn the British people and the world about the dangers of pollution and climate change. As the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, the environment should have a place in the coronation ceremony. But not only, since Dr. George Gross also thinks that the guest list will send a strong signal. It is still unclear whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been formally invited, for example…

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  1. I sure hope Megan Markle has enough sense to stay in the USA. She does not need to make any more specktical of herself than she already has.
    This will be King Charles day and all eyes should be on him!!!

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