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King Charles III: why it is in his interest to reconcile with Prince Harry

Time is running out before the coronation of King Charles III. There are three months left for the king to send out invitations, and according to “People” magazine, the monarch should send an announcement to his son, Prince Harry, because it would be in his best interest.

It is a chess game, almost a war strategy. Who will give in to the other? Will King Charles III lose if he invites his son to the coronation? Will Prince Harry lose out if he gives in and participates as the King’s subject, without an official role? So many questions that tug at the heartstrings of the brokers, who no longer know how to manage the crisis between the king and his son.

According to People magazine, this February 9, 2023, King Charles III wants to invite his son and it is in his best interest: “if they do not manage to untangle the imbroglio, this failure will always stain the reign of the King, and he will keep the reputation of the one who let his family disunite.

According to the British media, the ball would finally be in the court of Prince Harry, since it is almost certain that the king will want to see his youngest son present on this very important day for him, and for history. “He wants Harry back in the family,” says People. If the invitation is sent to him, to Prince Harry to decide: come alone, come with his wife, stay a while to discuss with his family, or make an express return to show his anger. Finally it is the Duke of Sussex who has the fate of the Windsor in his hands.

Hollywood invites itself to the coronation of Charles III

He had been one of the last friends of Queen Elizabeth II, who had invited him to take tea with her a few weeks before her death. In tribute to his mother, King Charles III decided to invite him to his coronation: it is Tom Cruise. According to information from The Sun, the 60-year-old actor will pause one of his shoots to honor her invitation.

And not the least, since he will fail the time of a weekend to the production teams of the eighth installment of Mission Impossible, whose release is scheduled for June 28, 2024 in the United States. The star is supposed to share the poster with Vanessa Kirby, known for playing the role of Margaret, the sister of Elizabeth II in the series The Crown, but also with Hayley Atwell, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg and the French Pom Klementieff. According to the tabloid, this coronation is a day “that he will not miss for anything in the world”, and he “does not want to refuse the invitation”. A very exceptional decision on his part, he is known for “being a workaholic and prepare his stunts for months”, according to BFMTV. Let’s hope he doesn’t arrive as an encore on the forecourt of Westminster Abbey.

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