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Prince William is the most angry about Prince Harry’s memoirs new revelations

The question of the arrival of Prince Harry at the coronation of King Charles III on May 6, is on everyone’s lips. But if he were to accept the invitation, what about the reunion with his brother, William? The heir to the throne would be extremely angry with his younger brother, according to the magazine “People” of this February 9, 2023.

This time it is too much. Despite their feud that has lasted since 2019, Prince William has always put on a brave face, as heir to the throne to show nothing and put forward the interest of the crown, as when he invited Prince Harry and his wife Meghan to come and meet the British people massed in front of Windsor Castle, two days after the death of the Queen. But according to People, Prince Harry‘s attacks on his brother in his Netflix documentary, as well as in his autobiography, have gone too far: “William is the most hurt of all, and he needs time to digest,” says a source to the American magazine.

In public, Prince William applies the family rule of not complaining or responding to requests from journalists about the accusations of his brother. But in private, he rants and the reunion between the two brothers, if Harry came to the coronation of Charles III in May, could be explosive. According to the magazine, “discussions are underway to try to arrange a reconciliation,” because the consequences of this division are beginning to tire the British. But Prince William seems to need more time to agree to talk with his brother.

The king wants his two sons near him on his coronation day

Will King Charles III lose out if he invites his son to the coronation? Will Prince Harry lose out if he gives in and attends as the King’s subject, without an official role? So many questions that tug at the heartstrings of the brokers, who no longer know how to manage the crisis between the king and his son. According to People magazine, this February 9, 2023, King Charles III wants to invite his son and it is in his best interest: “if they do not manage to untangle the imbroglio, this failure will always stain the reign of the King, and he will keep the reputation of the one who let his family disunite. According to the British media, the ball is finally in the court of Prince Harry, since it is almost certain that the king will want to see his youngest son present on this very important day for him, and for history.

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  1. Harry made his choice and to have there will be nothing but trouble. He proved it after the Queen’s Jubilee and after her passing that he can never b trusted as long as he is still married to Megan. The King really needs to stand strong instead of the weak individual that he has been all his life and stripe them of all titles and royal associations. The children should not receive any titles as Megan will and has manipulated them in the past , present and future. They wanted to be commoners well they got their wish. To be honest as much as this hurts to say if we never heard of them again it would b a blessing. We love love Harry but he needs to grow up and see what Megan has done to him and how she has completely manipulated and controlled him. She study up on him and the Royals, found his weaknesses and used it against him. She is disgusting by trying to use triggers from his mother’s life to control him. Absolutely disgusting and that is why they should be cut off and all titles and royal connections removed. Then we will see the real Megan come out when she can make money off of them anymore.

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