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Catherine Princess Of Wales and Prince William: this detail that annoyed Elizabeth II on their wedding day

This Saturday, February 11, our British colleagues of the Mail on Sunday revealed that Elizabeth II had been the victim of a clothing problem on the day of the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Princess Of Wales. A mistake that had made the queen “furious”.

This Wednesday, February 8, during a trip with his wife to Brick Lane, in East London, King Charles III has been in the news. The reason? When the 74-year-old monarch took off his shoes to visit the mosque, the keenest observers realized that he was wearing socks with holes. A sartorial faux pas that reminded our British colleagues of the Mail on Sunday another similar episode that had affected Queen Elizabeth II. The latter had attracted attention by wearing a glove with holes in it at the wedding of her grandson, Prince William, with Catherine Princess Of Wales. A situation that had made him out of his depth.

Fortunately, at the time, few people had noticed this detail, which had allowed Buckingham Palace to forget the matter very quickly. “We got away with it. I’ll never know how we didn’t talk about it at the time,” stylist Bernard Connolly, who worked for the Queen, told the Mail on Sunday. He added: “The Queen went out and greeted the world with a hole in her glove – can you imagine? We don’t do that. We wouldn’t do that at a fashion show or a photo shoot, and we certainly wouldn’t do that to a monarch.”

Elizabeth II: the “holegate” followed her for many years

Although the affair, dubbed “Holegate”, had made little noise in the media, it had triggered fury at Buckingham Palace. So much so that the Crown had to take steps, “even years later”, to prevent it from happening again. According to the stylist, the Queen would have always kept “an extra pair of gloves in her handbag”, in case of necessity during her travels. Not sure that King Charles III moves systematically with a new pair of socks in the future.

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