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Prince Harry at the coronation of Charles III: Prince William will not give up!

A question burns the lips: will Prince Harry be at the coronation of his father Charles III next May 6 in London? If the Duke of Sussex seems to want to impose his conditions, his brother, Prince William, with whom he has been estranged for several years, could also make his many demands.

The war between Princes William and Harry is far from over. After his great unpacking in his memoirs entitled Spare, and his many explosive revelations on his eldest, Prince William, the two brothers are more than ever in cold. And if Charles III still seems to be able to forgive his younger son, and invite him to his coronation next May 6 in Westminster Abbey, Prince William should impose certain conditions to this coming. “The heir to the throne is especially concerned that the Sussexes will use their presence at the coronation for their own benefit. To limit this possibility, the Prince of Wales would like the stay of his brother to be framed, even scripted by the palace” explain our colleagues of Point of View this Wednesday, February 15.

Indeed, many questions concerning the course of the ceremony remain to be decided. And Prince William to personally ensure that all measures are taken to keep the event under control. Security, dress, salute to the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Everything must be discussed and carefully thought out in advance. Yes, everything must be done to avoid the slightest faux pas, the slightest scandal, the slightest controversy. It is out of the question that the Montecito exiles steal the show at this historic event. “But the most crucial and most symbolic negotiation concerns the place of Harry or the couple in the abbey” underline our confrères. Near Charles III, near William and Kate Middleton, several rows behind … nothing has yet been acted. But these reunions already look like a real headache.

Coronation of Charles III: Prince Harry also imposes his conditions

Especially since Prince Harry has imposed his own conditions. The Duke of Sussex, who said during the promotion of his memoirs, that the ball was in the court of the Windsors concerning his coming or not to the coronation, has demanded an apology. Prince Harry would like to agree on a meeting to play cards on the table, calling for a reconciliation with his clan. “Harry has been very clear and his position has not varied: he will not come if he thinks that the atmosphere will be as toxic as during the platinum jubilee and the funeral of the queen,” said sources close to the couple. Will this meeting take place before the coronation, and if so, how much effort will Prince William be willing to make? The image of the British crown depends on it, and Charles III will be there to remind them.

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