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Princes William and Harry: Diana’s former butler wants to “share his secrets” with them

As he prepares to undergo surgery for prostate cancer, Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s former butler, expressed his wish to pass on to Princes William and Harry some words entrusted to him by their mother, as reported by the “Mirror.”

An attentive ear. After having first been a valet for the late Queen Elizabeth II, Paul Burrell was then entrusted with another important mission: to be the butler of Lady Diana. While the “rock” of the former wife of King Charles III is about to undergo surgery for prostate cancer, the latter expressed to the Mirror, Friday, February 17, his willingness to contact William and Harry to talk about their mother in case something bad were to happen to him: “My illness has confirmed my intention to tell the boys, before it’s too late, what they really should know.”

The former butler said that Princess Diana confided in him and that there was “a lot of stuff that [he] never talked about.” For Paul Burrell, these revelations could even allow the two brothers to begin the road to reconciliation: “I think what I have to say could bring the boys back together, which is what Diana would have desperately wanted. I’ll just tell them the truth, that’s all. I’m not looking for anything in return.” He continued, revealing a little more about the nature of those precious words he’d like to pass on to the Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales: “There are things that have happened in their mother’s world that they may not know about. And I think that might fill in some of the blanks.”

Harry on the outs with Paul Burrell?

In 2003, Paul Burrell published A Royal Duty, a book in which he explains his years of service at the side of Elizabeth II and then Princess Diana. An exhibition that would not have pleased Prince Harry, who then accused him of “exploiting” the death of his mother to pad his wallet, as the former butler recalled to the Sun in January. Since then, the relationship between the two men would not be at its best. “He dismissed me, but he didn’t think about all the years I spent with his mother, in private, loving her, taking care of her, looking after her. I was dismissed and I’m sad about that,” Paul Burrell lamented to the Mirror.

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  1. And yet Harry does exactly the same thing, exploiting his own mothers death and family squabble that every family has to pad his already rich pockets.

  2. Any secrets about princess diana’s should only be told to william or there will be another book or netflix , harry and Meagan can’t keep a secret they make $$$ off them

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