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Coronation of Charles III: his expected tribute to his father Prince Philip

On May 6, 2023 will take place the coronation of King Charles III. An unprecedented and highly anticipated moment by the British during which the son of Prince Philip should pay tribute to his father.

A tribute to Prince Philip. The coronation of King Charles III is approaching fast. If there are still hesitations on the guest list, the son of Queen Elizabeth II must also deal with the worries of his family life, especially regarding the financial problems of his brother Prince Andrew or the publication of the Memoirs of Prince Harry. The one who is nicknamed “Welsh grandfather” by his grandchildren, is trying to put together this exceptional ceremony and it is not an easy task.

King Charles III has obviously played a major role in the organization of his coronation and the decisions that have been taken. In a very personal way, the king will pay tribute to his father Prince Philip who died in 2021. During the ceremony, several new compositions will mark the event and the king has requested the inclusion of Greek Orthodox music, which will be performed by the Byzantine chant ensemble. Indeed, his father was born in Greece and was a member of the Greek and Danish royal families. Thus, Prince Philip was raised as a Greek Orthodox Christian and was baptized in the Church of St. George in Corfu.

Reflecting King Charles III’s love of the arts

Between tradition and modernity, King Charles III also asked Andrew Lloyd Webber to compose a new hymn. In fact, the artist said, “I am incredibly honored to have been asked to compose a new anthem for the coronation.” This piece will be accompanied by six orchestras, five choirs and an organ with several compositions by Iain Farrington, Sarah Class, Nigel Hess or Tarik O’Regan. The aim is to reflect the King’s love of the arts and to feature artists from across the UK and the Commonwealth.

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