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Coronation of Charles III: Diana’s brother present?

The list of guests at the coronation of Charles III, already quite long, does it contain the name of Charles Spencer, the younger brother of Lady Diana? Guest of the podcast Off Air of Jane Garvey and Fi Glover on Times Radio, the latter revealed if he would be part of the many guests of the monarch, next May 6.

Will the Spencer family be represented at the coronation of Charles III on May 6? The question arises, as Lady Diana’s younger brother, Charles, is a former member of the House of Lords. This Monday, February 20, he was invited to participate in the program Off Air by Jane Garvey and Fi Glover on Times Radio, to present his historical podcast. As the conversation progressed, one of the hosts took the liberty of asking Earl Spencer about whether or not he was coming to the coronation ceremony of his ex-brother-in-law. “I would not have believed it, I think there are only two thousand people going,” he first replied, confirming that he had received an invitation from Buckingham.

In the rest of his speech, the uncle of Princes William and Harry gave more indications. “But the whole royal thing… I don’t find it as interesting as the others, you know? I just live my life… People think I’m very interested in it, but it’s just a secondary aspect of my life,” he said, leaving it unclear whether he will be at Westminster Abbey in just over two months.

Charles Spencer continues to keep the memory of Lady Diana alive

Charles Spencer never misses an opportunity to pay tribute to his late sister. On Off Air, the 58-year-old earl shared his feelings about Diana and the royal family, while one of the hosts, Jane, noted that the princess of hearts “would be in his thoughts on May 6.” “That’s very flattering. Obviously, I think of Diana every day, in a different context,” he said. Regularly, this history buff evokes the presence of his eldest daughter on his estate of Althorp House. Last October, the father of seven children had shared with his Instagram followers a moving image of Diana’s grave, on the edge of a sumptuous lake. On All Saints’ Day, the former politician had saluted the memories of his father and sister with a poignant photograph from 1989. “We miss them both terribly,” he wrote in the caption.

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