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Lady Susan Hussey is BACK performing official duties for Princess Anne

She had been dismissed by Buckingham Palace for racist remarks three months ago, Lady Susan Hussey has quietly reappeared for the needs of Princess Anne.

Lady Susan Hussey has made a comeback. Three months ago, the former lady-in-waiting of Queen Elizabeth II and godmother of Prince William had caused a scandal after her “racist” remarks towards a black feminist activist during an official reception at the Palace. The media treatment of this affair had pushed the former assistant of the late Queen to leave Buckingham Palace. But this disappearance did not last long.

According to the revelations of the Daily Mail, this Wednesday, February 22, Princess Anne asked a very specific service to Lady Susan. While she was supposed to go to the memorial service in honor of Lady Campbell-Preston (lady-in-waiting of the Queen Mother from 1965 to 2002), the sister of King Charles III realized that she could not go. So it was only natural that she asked Lady Susan to represent her at the ceremony. “She was more than happy to do so. Her official position was recorded in the order of service. It’s great to see her back in the royal fold,” a family friend told the Daily Mail.


“Where are you from in Africa?”

On November 30, 2022, Lady Susan Hussey had resigned following her racist comments directed at Ngozi Fulani, a guest of the charity Sistah Space. On Twitter, the young woman had then reported the behavior of her interlocutor who had “moved her hair to see the name on [her] badge”. She explains that after having specified that she was there as a representative of her association in London, Lady Susan had asked her: “No, but where are you from in Africa?” and had continued to insist when Ngozi Fulani had replied that she was British. “No, but where are you really from? Where do people like you come from?” she reportedly said. When the story broke, Prince William condemned Lady Susan’s comments and said: “Racism has no place in our society.

Photo credits: PA Photos/ABACA

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