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Prince Andrew “selfish”: how he plans to thwart Charles III’s plans

As the coronation of Charles III is fast approaching, his brother, Prince Andrew, is being asked to leave the Windsor estate. Unless the fallen son agrees to pay more than £250 a month.

Prince Andrew is in big trouble. In an article in the Daily Mail, this Friday, February 24, we learn that the brother of King Charles III could be evicted from the royal pavilion in Windsor if he does not consider paying more rent estimated at £ 250 per week. Visibly opposed to this idea, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband is said to have told friends that he would never be able to afford to maintain the Royal Lodge in Windsor out of his own pocket. Hence his “selfish” character raised by the journalist Tom Bower, for the MailOnline.

As part of a royal cost-cutting plan, Charles III is being asked to take a harder line with his brother Andrew by cutting his annual grant by £249,000 from April 2023. When asked by the British media, an expert on royal finances, Norman Baker, said, “It’s time Andrew started living within his means rather than expecting others to subsidize his luxurious lifestyle. If he can’t pay commercial rent for the property with his own money, he should be evicted and move to a much smaller place. The taxpayer is subsidizing him.”

Prince Andrew signed a seventy-five year lease

In 2023, it will be nearly twenty years since Prince Andrew signed a seventy-five year lease for the modest sum of £250 per week. So it makes sense that the Duke of York would make a case to stay. For the record, Royal Lodge has 30 rooms and would be his primary residence. The last news, Prince Andrew would have refused to move. His behavior “threatens the reputation of King Charles and even the coronation,” said journalist Tom Brower. By the end of 2022, Prince Andrew had already abandoned his Swiss chalet for £19 million.

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