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Coronation of Charles III: this gesture of Meghan Markle that could spoil the party

Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend the coronation of Charles III? As the ceremony approaches on May 6, Archie’s birthday, a royal family expert warns the Duchess of Sussex about this “terribly petty” faux pas that could tempt her, reports the Express.co.uk.

The scenario seems to be repeating itself for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. If their daughter Lilibet’s first birthday was marked by Elizabeth II’s jubilee, Archie’s fourth birthday will be marked by the coronation of Charles III. As the ceremony approaches, which will be held on May 6, the British are wondering about the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in London. And this, while sources close to the couple maintain that they have not yet received the invitation card. Claims that Buckingham Palace has not yet confirmed.

For lack of knowing more about the plans of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the royal columnist Lee Cohen warns them about the “staging” of Archie’s birthday at Frogmore Cottage. Recalling that the couple unveiled an early portrait of Lilibet on their social media channels during Elizabeth II’s jubilee, he tells the Express.co.uk, “It’s terribly petty, but the Sussexes, who no longer have their royal platform, seem to relish any opportunity to try to stage a royal occasion.” Royal correspondent Natalie Oliveri added: “They are also encouraged not to do any stunts during the coronation and to stick to the plan.”


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry asked to “stay in the shadows”?

While stating that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could make appearances “very similar to the Queen’s platinum jubilee”. The couple could therefore participate in “one or two events”, but will be asked to “remain in the shadows so as not to detract from the historic event”. If the response of the Sussexes is still pending, according to close sources, others explain that Meghan Markle would feel left out of the preparations. The Duchess of Sussex would even have the impression that the Palace is doing the maximum for Prince Harry to attend the ceremony, but that “does not care whether she goes or not,” reports the American channel Fox News.

Not to mention the rejection, which would be “one of her greatest insecurities”: “She does not want to be booed or humiliated in front of the whole world, but she is also well aware that her brand takes value when she gets closer to the circle of the royal family,” we learn. Thus, the youngest of Charles III and his wife would be weighing the pros and cons to go there, taking into account all the inconveniences that occurred recently, before deciding to cross the Atlantic.

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  1. How’s this for an idea. Absolute media blackout on the Sussex’s go on I dare you and if they’re stupid enough to attend rather than booing just hold a card with boo on it. If the media cuts the out all coverage of the dreadful couple then there is nothing to report.

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