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Gabriella of Monaco: her striking resemblance to a close friend of Grace Kelly

From the height of her eight years, the princess Gabriella of Monaco resembles strangely a member of her family today disappeared. As underlined by our Spanish colleagues of Vanitatis in an article published last February 26, the daughter of Charlene and Albert presents physical similarities with a close friend of her grandmother Grace Kelly.

The beauty in heritage. If we knew that Camille Gottlieb, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco, resembled her grandmother Grace Kelly, she is obviously not the only one to have benefited from the beautiful features of the Kelly family. As pointed out by the website Vanitatis, in an article published on February 26, Princess Gabriella, who is none other than the daughter of Charlene and Albert of Monaco, has physical similarities with a very close Grace Kelly. The sister of Prince Jacques is indeed the spitting image of her great aunt Elizabeth Anne, better known as Lizanne, when the latter was the same age.

As a proof, a black and white picture on which Grace Kelly, still child, poses next to her little sister Lizianne, who looks like two drops of water to the princess Gabriella. Same shape of face, same chin, same thin lips and similar expression, the resemblance between the little girl and her great-aunt is disturbing. Unfortunately for her, the daughter of Charlene of Monaco, who is already asserting her style at the age of eight, did not know the sister of Grace Kelly, who died in Pennsylvania in 2009, five years before her birth.

How Princess Gabriella recently came to Charlene’s rescue

At the end of January, Monegasques attended the traditional celebrations of Saint Devote. On this occasion, the princely family was once again honored. For this 2023 edition, Princess Charlene and her two children, Jacques and Gabriella, assumed the official responsibilities alone, Prince Albert having tested positive for Covid-19. In accordance with tradition, they tried to set fire to the boat of Saint Devote. Only, for a moment, Charlene of Monaco found herself distraught. And for good reason, according to information reported by Point de vue magazine, the princess’ torch accidentally went out. “She smiled, embarrassed, almost helpless, before her daughter […] came to her rescue to help her rekindle the torch,” explained our confreres. More fear than harm, this mishap has (almost) passed unnoticed. Proof that Gabriella, in spite of her young age, is already attentive to the needs of her mom…

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