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Elizabeth II: why she was angry with her son Charles

Since her Charles III ascended the throne of England, relations between the Sussexes and the rest of the Windsors have been more strained than ever. An expert told The Express that Elizabeth II would never have condoned any of Charles’ recent decisions regarding Meghan and Harry.

The Sussexes seem to have reached a point of no return with the rest of the royal family, since the release of their Netflix documentary and the publication of the prince’s memoirs, in which they made resounding revelations about the Windsors. In early March, British tabloids revealed that in response to these attacks, King Charles took away their home at Frogmore Cottage, their last remaining home in the United Kingdom, and reassigned it to Prince Andrew, who was also disgraced. For Tessa Dunlop, a historian and expert on royalties, this decision by the new monarch goes against the last wishes of Elizabeth II, who died on September 8. The late queen was indeed doing everything possible to keep his grandson and his wife integrated into his family …

Prince Harry has just thrown several bombs in the face of his family and the old institution to which he belonged, analyzed the expert. But he did it from a position of weakness, in pain and feeling left out.” According to Tessa Dunlop, “a broad-shouldered monarchy would have weathered such a storm. With a coronation coming up, the king has other things to worry about.” Instead, Camilla’s husband opted to withdraw Elizabeth II’s generous gift to Harry and Meghan of Frogmore Cottage. The historian pointed out that with such an action, he goes against his mother’s conciliatory style. “The late queen did everything she could to keep Harry in the same boat. Frogmore Cottage was a testament to her intent. She was also lenient with Andrew,” she concluded, pointing out that the king made a “grave mistake” in giving the mansion to the Duke of York.

Charles III’s decision lynched on Twitter

There is not only Elizabeth II who would have disapproved of this choice of Charles III … The monarch has received numerous criticisms on social networks, although usually hostile to Sussex. The hashtag #KingCharlesTheCruel, or The cruel King Charles in French, was even created. “How can Charles’ action in relation to Frogmore Cottage make things better for the monarchy, when he treats his own son in this way? And for an alleged pedophile at that? Very short-sighted and petty. This will backfire. Harry and Meghan will prosper,” an Englishwoman named Elaine railed on Twitter on Thursday, March 2. “This decision just shows Charles’ lack of respect for his late mother, no wonder the Queen was reluctant to hand over her reign, he’s not fit to be king,” a user named Anthony wrote later.

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