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Coronation of King Charles III: The list of expected Royal families

On May 6, Charles III will be crowned in Westminster Abbey in London. A historic event which should be attended by many members of foreign royal families. The point on the very royal “guest list”.

May 6, 2023 will be a historic date for the United Kingdom. 70 years after his mother Elizabeth II, Charles III will be crowned in Westminster Abbey in London alongside his wife Camilla. An event that will bring together a large number of personalities from around the world. A coronation that is meant to be grandiose but different from that of Elizabeth II, more modern and less expensive. While 8,000 people attended the coronation of the monarch in 1953, only 2,000 guests will have the privilege of having a seat on the benches of Westminster Abbey for the coronation of her son.

In the English press, it is rumored that some invitation cards have already been sent. Many foreign crowned heads should receive their precious sesame shortly. But as historian Nicolas Fontaine reminded Gala.fr, “this is the coronation of a head of state and the presence of another head of state at the ceremony is rather inadvisable. Indeed, at the coronation of Elizabeth II, the crown princes and princesses had made the trip but not the sovereigns in person. But it seems that the situation has changed.

For centuries it has been the convention that no other crowned monarchs are present at the coronation of a British monarch, as this sacred ceremony is supposed to be an intimate exchange between the monarch and his people in the presence of God,” explains the Mail On Sunday, echoed by the Tatler, “but as part of his plan to update the ceremony, King Charles has decided to abandon this 900-year-old tradition by inviting his crowned friends, including members of the European royal family and leaders of Arab states. Thus Charles III is expected to break with tradition, and see a glittering parade of kings, queens, princesses and princesses from around the world converge on central London. Overview of the crowned heads expected for the event.

Albert and Charlene of Monaco

Bruno Bebert / BestimageAlbert and Charlene of Monaco in January 2019


The Monegasque sovereign has already made known in the columns of People magazine that he will be present at the coronation. He is currently the only one who has officially made known his participation. “You know, I do not know how many coronations of an English monarch I will see in my life, so we will try to enjoy it,” said Prince Albert. Friend with Charles III, the son of Rainier III should not miss the event. His wife Charlene should also make the trip. Hereditary Prince James, only 8 years old, seems to be too small to be part of the trip. As the number of guests is limited in Westminster Abbey, Caroline and Stephanie of Monaco are not expected to attend the coronation of Charles III either.

Margrethe II of Denmark and her sons Frederik and Joachim

CYRIL MOREAU / BESTIMAGEMargrethe II of Denmark and her sons Frederik and Joachim in January 2023

In Denmark, the mystery remains. Margrethe II, 82 years old, recently had to be operated on her back. For the moment, the queen is convalescing. Will she recover on May 6, for the coronation of Charles III? Currently, her eldest son, Crown Prince Frederik, is the regent. Thus, the latter could, alongside his wife, Princess Mary, step on English soil to go to Westminster Abbey and represent his mother. However, it is unlikely that his brother Joachim and his wife Marie, who reside in France, will also travel to London.

Abdullah II and Rania of Jordan

Backgrid USA / BestimageAbdullah II and Rania of Jordan in June 2018

King Abdullah II of Jordan and his wife Rania could be present at the event. The royal couple will nevertheless have to juggle with the numerous preparations for the weddings that are coming to the Hashemite kingdom. Indeed, two royal weddings are scheduled for this year 2023. Princess Iman of Jordan, 26, will marry Jameel Alexander Thermiotis, a native of Venezuela, on March 12. Then her brother, Hussein of Jordan, the 28-year-old eldest son of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania, will say “I do” to Rajwa Al-Saif on June 1. Between the two weddings, Abdullah II and Rania of Jordan are expected to travel to London to attend the coronation of Charles III.

Philippe and Mathilde of Belgium

Frederic Andrieu / BestimagePhilippe and Mathilde of Belgium in December 2022

In Belgium, King Philippe and his wife Mathilde are expected to fly to the English capital. Their daughter, Crown Princess Elisabeth, who is studying history and politics at Oxford University, could also take part in the event. With her mother, the 21-year-old will travel to Egypt from March 14 to 16, and should therefore be back in time for the coronation of Charles III. Note that the former king of Belgium, Albert II, 88 years, could also attend the event. In 1953, he attended the coronation of Elizabeth II as Prince of Liege.

Willem-Alexander and Maxima of the Netherlands

Backgrid USA / BestimageWillem-Alexander and Maxima of the Netherlands on February 15, 2023

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, who are currently returning from a two-week trip to the Dutch Caribbean islands, are expected to be on the guest list. While the presence of the Crown Princess, Amalia, 19, is highly uncertain, that of Queen Beatrix, 85, who abdicated in 2013, is being considered.

Felipe VI and Letizia of Spain

AGENCY / BESTIMAGEFelipe VI and Letizia of Spain on November 4, 2022

On the side of the Bourbons of Spain, the diplomatic headache of the funeral of Elizabeth II could well be repeated… If the current king Felipe VI, distant cousin of Charles III, and his wife Letizia should be present, as well as the emeritus queen Sofia of Spain, what about Juan Carlos? The father and son have been estranged for years and are reportedly no longer speaking to each other. At the funeral of Constantine of Greece last January in Athens, there were signs of reconciliation. There is no doubt that the arrival of the deposed king in exile in Abu Dhabi will be closely scrutinized. Will he arrive with Sofia of Spain? Will he be placed next to his son Felipe VI? So many problems to which the English protocol will have to find answers quickly.

Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway

Zuma Press / BestimageHarald V and Queen Sonja of Norway on November 8, 2022

In Norway, the same questioning about the health of King Harald V, 87 years old. His stay in hospital for an infection at the end of 2022 had worried the Norwegians. Reassuringly, his wife, Queen Sonja, said he was fine. But there is nevertheless little chance that the king, regularly photographed moving with canes, goes to London to attend the coronation of Charles III. Thus, it is his son, Crown Prince Haakon and his wife Mette-Marit who should represent him.

Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Queen Silvia

Gilles Bouquillon / BestimageCarl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Queen Silvia on December 4, 2014

In the kingdom of Sweden, the question is the same as in Norway: will King Carl XVI Gustaf be able to go to London on May 6? Indeed, the 76-year-old sovereign had to be hospitalized. A heavy heart operation planned for a long time but which has caused concern. His obligations have been postponed to late spring. If the Swedish king can not travel, it is his daughter, Crown Princess Victoria who should go to the coronation of Charles III. On the arm of her husband, Daniel Westling, she will undoubtedly attract all eyes.

Henri and Maria Teresa of Luxembourg

Dana Press / BestimageHenri and Maria Teresa of Luxembourg in June 2022

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg attended the funeral of Elizabeth II in London on September 19. The couple is expected to travel to the United Kingdom again to attend the coronation of Charles III in Westminster Abbey. Given the limited number of guests, their son, Crown Prince William should not be seen at the ceremony. Very busy, the young man will be a father for the second time next April.

Prince Alois and Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein

Action Press / BestimagePrince Alois and Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein

Hereditary Prince Alois and Regent of the Principality of Liechtenstein and his wife Sophie represented Prince of Liechtenstein Hans-Adam II, 78, at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022. The couple may repeat the honor and attend the coronation of her successor Charles III.

Other famous crowned heads should be part of the coveted list of guests at the coronation of the new king of England. Last January, Charles III was represented by his sister, Princess Anne, at the funeral of Constantine of Greece, but his son, Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, his wife Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, the late wife of the last Greek king, are expected to be invited to his coronation. Emperor Nahurito of Japan and his wife, the very discreet Masako, should make an appearance. The princes of Bahrain and Kuwait, the sultans of Brunei and Oman and the king of Morocco could also be among the guests.

Photo credits: Zuma Press / Bestimage

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