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King Charles III visiting France: where does the king sleep in Paris?

From March 26 to 29, Charles III and Camilla will make a stop in France, for their first trip abroad since the death of Queen Elizabeth II last September. But where does the king sleep when he is in Paris?

France has been chosen as the destination by Charles III and Camilla for their first trip abroad. From March 26 to 29, the royal couple will travel to Paris and also to Bordeaux. On the program, many visits and meetings. Ceremony under the triumphal arch on the tomb of the unknown soldier, speech at the Senate for him, opening of an exhibition dedicated to Manet and Degas at the Musée d’Orsay for her, then state dinner at the Château de Versailles with Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron. On March 28, the royal couple will then travel to Bordeaux to visit a wine estate and have lunch with the city’s mayor.

The nights of March 26, 27 and 29, Charles III and Camilla will spend in the capital. Where will they sleep? If some people think that the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and his wife will stay in a Parisian palace, they are wrong. “When he comes to Paris, Charles III sleeps at the British Embassy,” explains historian Kevin Guillot, “Prince William and Kate Middleton, when they came to Paris in 2017, had been housed at the embassy, which is considered British territory in France. Elizabeth II did the same, and slept at the embassy when she was visiting the capital.”

King Charles III: these 40 servants who accompanied him

During this trip to France, Charles and Camilla should not be accompanied by a British delegation. Neither other members of the Royal family, nor politicians. On the other hand, many servants will be on the trip to take care of the new king. “Charles III should be surrounded by about forty people also housed at the embassy,” said the historian.

A very large staff that was not to the taste of Queen Elizabeth II. “Charles III had a very British lifestyle, very aristocratic, while the sovereign was more simple, more bourgeois. During her lifetime, the monarch was annoyed that her son arrived with more servants than her when they went to Balmoral or Sandringham,” says the expert. It must be said that the king has little quirks … which sometimes border on obsession! Ironing his pyjamas and shoelaces every day. And two centimeters of toothpaste, not more, on his toothbrush!

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