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Camilla in mourning: the Queen Consort mourns a new tragedy

A few months after the loss of one of her cousins, Camilla Parker Bowles has been confronted with a new personal drama. According to the information reported by The Sun this Wednesday, March 8, the queen consort has recently learned the death of her brother-in-law…

The year 2023 is definitely not starting under the best auspices for Camilla Parker Bowles. Before the long-awaited coronation of King Charles III, his wife has been confronted with several personal dramas. Only a few months after the death of Charles Villiers, a distant cousin of the Queen Consort whose lifeless body was found in a hotel room, Diana’s former rival has learned another bad news. According to the information reported by our colleagues of the Sun this Wednesday, March 8, Camilla Parker Bowles had to say goodbye to a member of her family. This is her brother-in-law, Simon Elliot, who was married to her sister Annabel for over fifty years.

As reported by our British colleagues, the wife of King Charles III was close to the businessman, and this for several decades. Proof of this is that Simon and Annabel Elliot had joined Charles and Camilla, during their honeymoon at Balmoral, which occurred after their marriage in 2005. The couple had also attended the premiere of the film Dying Can Wait in 2021 alongside Camilla Parker Bowles. In September 2022, they were the same ones who were invited to the funeral of Elizabeth II. Needless to say, this loss will create a great void in the lives of Camilla and her sister Annabel …

AGENCY / BESTIMAGECamilla Parker Bowles, surrounded by her brother Mark Shand, her brother-in-law Simon Elliot and her daughter Laura, together in 2003.


Camilla Parker Bowles soon in France: what you should know

King Charles III and his wife will soon fly to France. So, what should we know about this official trip? According to the information revealed by Buckingham Palace, relayed by our colleagues in Le Parisien on March 3, the royal couple will be visiting France and Germany from March 26 to 31. They will be on French soil between the 26th and the 29th – where they will pass through Paris and Bordeaux – and then head to our neighbors where they will pass through Berlin, Brandenburg and Hamburg (between the 29th and the 31st). A very busy program for the sovereign and his wife, respectively 74 and 75 years old…

Photo credits: Agency / Bestimage

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