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Death of Elizabeth II: the heartbreaking words of Prince Louis revealed by Kate Middleton

This Wednesday, March 8, already marks six months since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8. A death that affected the whole world and the entire Royal family, including Prince Louis, who despite his young age, had made very mature comments, as revealed by Kate Middleton.

When everything is planned, spontaneity and the unexpected come out of the mouths of children. The Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had met on September 10, late afternoon, to walk together among the bouquets of flowers placed at the foot of Windsor Castle by the English. While they had been on the outs for several months, the children of King Charles III and their wives stayed for about forty minutes with the crowd, collecting bouquets and expressions of affection. Kate Middleton, whose first appearance was highly anticipated since the death of the Queen on September 8, 2022, had told children massed behind the gates, how his youngest son Louis, had reacted to the announcement of the death of his great grandmother. “Louis said ‘at least grandma is with grandpa now’,” Kate had confided, according to sources of the Daily Mail.

Banita Ranow, 28, was in the crowd when Kate told this story. She had noticed a lot of emotion in the Princess of Wales when she spoke to the children who were waiting for her. The mischievous Louis had amused the whole world, including his great-grandmother, during the Jubilee ceremonies in June 2022: annoyed by the noise of the flypast, he had put his two hands over his ears and screamed. Queen Elizabeth II, touched by her great-grandson, whispered words in his ear, pointing out the planes. Only 4 years old, Prince Louis had shown a moving wisdom in evoking Prince Philip, whom he did not know much, this one having died in April 2021. A sweetness that must have put a smile on the face of his parents, and of the children to whom Kate spoke in front of the Windsor gates.


Kate Middleton listening and full of empathy with the British

Kate Middleton has not been stingy with sweet words this Saturday, September 10, 2022 when she shared this emotional moment with the crowd present at the foot of Windsor Castle. Particularly touched by the signs of affection of the British for the Royal family in this period of mourning, the mother of Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte went to comfort a young royal fan in mourning. The Princess of Wales leaned towards her to comfort her and said these words to her, as reported by our British colleagues: “Hello! Why are you sad? Noticing how close the child was standing to the gates, the princess then asked her, full of kindness and mischief: “Are we crushing you against the fence? Do you want to come home for tea? Her Royal Highness then turned to the girl’s parents, adding, “You must be so tired. It’s been a long day, hasn’t it? A moment out of time and full of sweetness that illustrates the benevolence and humility of the new princess of the hearts of the English.

Photo credits: Julien Burton / Bestimage

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