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Expelled by Charles III, Meghan Markle and Harry make a radical decision

Following their eviction from their British cottage ordered by King Charles III, Harry and Meghan are reportedly looking for a new home away from England and the United States, where they will keep their current residence in Montecito, California.

Evicted from Frogmore Cottage by King Charles III, who wants to install his brother Prince Andrew in this property given to the couple by Queen Elizabeth II in 2018 after their marriage, Harry and Meghan, powerless against this situation, would be in search of a new haven. If they want to continue living with their two children in the house in Montecito (California) that they have occupied since 2020, the disgraced couple would like to find a new foothold away from the tensions they generate in England and the United States. “Their situation has become very uncomfortable, not to mention untenable in both countries,” a source tells Heatworld. They are reportedly planning to move to a new country like Canada, South Africa or any other country where their popularity ratings are still good and where they would find sympathy from the general public.”

That same source says a little more about their intentions. “They think there are good opportunities to do business abroad, it fits with their vision of success. Harry likes the idea of living in a natural, eco-friendly environment and would even strongly advance the idea of settling on a private island.” According to them, in addition to escaping trouble, this project would be more than welcome and even a chance to reap the benefits of their popularity.

An impossible reconciliation?

According to the tabloids, this information leaked after a spokesman for the Duke and Duchess confirmed that they had indeed received an official invitation to the coronation of Charles III on May 6, the day of the 4th birthday of their son Archie. An invitation to which they have not yet responded. The relations between the couple and the other members of the royal family are at their lowest, not to say broken, especially since the release of Harry’s memoirs. In the entourage of the royal family, it is whispered that a reconciliation is even unthinkable. Only Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, believes in it: “Forgiveness is the key”, she recently declared about the couple.

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