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Meghan and Harry at the coronation of Charles III: UK do not want them!

The English have spoken. As the coronation of Charles III approaches on May 6, they do not hide their opinion on the arrival of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in London for the event. As revealed in a Telegraph poll, unveiled this Friday, March 10, their answer is clear.

Will Harry and Meghan Markle attend the coronation of Charles III? If the Duke of Sussex would have received “an email from Her Majesty’s office” for May 6, his answer would be delayed. However, his name and that of his wife would be on the table plan for the reception planned after the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, reports The Mail+, this Thursday 9 March. “This is the strongest sign yet that they could do it,” explain the sources of our confreres. If the arrival of Archie and Lilibet‘s parents at Buckingham Palace could mark the beginning of reconciliation with the royal family, what do the British think?

According to the Telegraph, their presence is not welcome across the Channel. According to a poll of 96,000 of their readers, 85% “don’t think Prince Harry and his wife should attend the coronation.” “One of the main reasons, cited by many of our readers, is that the coronation is a state event, not a private occasion,” the poll found. Louise Lawrence, one of those polled, said: “This is not a family reunion, it is a state event and Harry has shown by his words and actions that he does not support the institution of monarchy, nor the country…”

Charles III should reconcile with Harry, “but in private”

According to her, King Charles III “should by all means seek reconciliation in private, but not at the coronation.” Other interviewees fear that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will turn “the solemn event” into “family drama”. “If either of them attends the coronation, the media will have a field day, taking the seriousness out of such a historic and official event,” says reader P. M. Bosworth. Most people don’t want them to attend, as you might expect, and neither does the Royal Family. Among those polled, there are also those who say they are “disappointed” to learn that the couple has been invited by the royal family to attend the coronation.”

“How appalling does Harry and Meghan‘s behavior have to be before they are forced to face the consequences of their actions,” pollster Alan Quin asks our confreres. Thus, the “king’s judgment” is questioned by those who believe he should be more concerned with what the British people think. “In your eagerness to gain the approval of your youngest son, you risk losing the love of the rest of your family and the respect of your subjects,” warns reader Souzie Holmes. But as the Telegraph reminds us, the results obtained for their poll are in contradiction with those of the Ipsos study carried out for the London Evening Standard, where two thirds of respondents think that the Duke of Sussex should attend the coronation of Charles III.

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  1. I agree this is a state event and the English people have let the king know how they feel. If king Charles wants to reconcile with Harry and Meghan after all they have done and said about the monarchy, it should be within private family situation. The English people don’t want to see or hear anything of them.

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