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Meghan Markle: this refusal upon her arrival that had “disturbed” Elizabeth II

In Elizabeth II – An intimate portrait, available in France on March 25, Gyles Brandreth returns to the relationships that the queen had during her lifetime. In particular with Meghan Markle, who, at her arrival in the royal family, disturbed her a lot.

In his book, Elizabeth II – An intimate portrait (available in France on March 25), Gyles Brandreth focused on the relationship between the queen and Meghan Markle. And according to him, the Queen – who died on September 8 – was very fond of Prince Harry‘s wife. As proof, she “let many people know”. However, the American who, at the time, was trying as best she could to make a place for herself in the monarchy, quickly surprised the late monarch.

Indeed, wishing to help Meghan to integrate into the royal family, the queen had suggested that Sophie of Wessex show her “all the tricks of the trade”. A proposal that Meghan Markle had refused, given the fact that she had “Harry by her side” and that had completely disconcerted Elizabeth II. “This decision somewhat troubles the Queen, who later still worries when she learns that Meghan is sometimes a little ‘bossy’ with the servants,” reveals the author in his book. However, the mother of King Charles III did not hold this decision against her, since, as Gyles Brandreth later reported, she felt that this sudden response was due to “the nervousness that precedes any marriage.”

Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle: a relationship that has deteriorated?

If at the beginning of their relationship, Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle displayed a beautiful agreement, everything suggests that over the years, their relationship has become more fragile. As a proof, during an interview granted to SoirMag, last May, Marc Roche – author of Les Borgia à Buckingham (published by Albin Michel) had shared several revelations about this relationship.

If the author had quickly emphasized the fact that the queen had initially “welcomed Meghan with open arms” within the family, he had then specified that the two women had issues of discord. “[The queen, ed. note] was horrified by Meghan‘s errors in protocol,” he had clarified, then adding that Meghan Markle‘s feminist struggle was not well seen by Prince Harry‘s grandmother, who “never liked working with women.”

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