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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the coronation of Charles III? “They will have no control”

On May 6, Charles III and Camilla will be crowned at Westminster Abbey in London. A historic ceremony in which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should participate. But let’s be clear, it’s not them who will dictate the proceedings …

This Thursday, March 9, the long-awaited news has finally fallen. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who received an electronic invitation for the coronation of Charles III on May 6, will attend. “The palace is ‘expecting’ Harry and Meghan at the coronation,” said Rebecca English of the Daily Mail, adding that “staff have been instructed to plan for their attendance.” If their arrival is not 100% confirmed, these clues suggest that the Sussexes should indeed make the trip.

But if the parents of Lilibet and Archie decide to attend the coronation, they will not dictate their rules in any way. “Harry and Meghan will have no control over how this event unfolds, the Firm will have total control over the ceremony,” says royal expert and historian Ed Owens to The Express, before adding, “the rehearsal schedule will be extremely intense. Everything will be planned down to the second in terms of how the event will unfold and what everyone’s role will be. If Harry and Meghan are present on the big day, they will be minor figures on the sidelines of this event.”

What place in the abbey for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

And Prince William to personally ensure that all measures are taken to keep the event under control. Security, press, dress, greeting on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Everything will be discussed and carefully thought out in advance. No faux pas or controversy will be tolerated. There is no way that the Montecito exiles will steal the show at this historic event. The thorny question of where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be placed remains. Not far from Charles III, Kate Middleton and William or several rows behind? One thing is certain, this reunion is like a real headache.

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  1. Let them come so the King can personally STRIP all titles, affiliations AND any mo ies they receive for and from the Monarch in person. Harry has crossed the final line and broke the last straw. Harry and his father if his father chooses to have a relationship can maintain that but at the way Harry and bimbo want it….non working Royal AKA COMMONERS.

  2. I think this ist Harris Last Chance to attend the ceremony without playing with the Public. He should use the Chance.

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