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Camilla, queen consort: will her grandchildren attend the coronation? She has a plan!

Camilla Parker Bowles will be crowned on May 6, in Westminster Abbey. The Queen Consort hopes that her five biological grandchildren will take part in the ceremony.

The waltz of invitations continues… On May 6, Camilla Parker Bowles will be officially crowned queen in Westminster Abbey. For the occasion, the wife of Charles III hopes to be surrounded by her five biological grandchildren. To do this, the septuagenarian has a plan. According to information from the Mirror, relayed this Sunday, March 12, the queen would like her grandchildren to wear the canopy (a kind of cloth) that will be placed above her during the ceremony.

However, the presence of the grandchildren of Camilla Parker Bowles is questionable given the absence of Archie and Lilibet, the two children of Prince Harry. Indeed, the two toddlers were not invited because of their young age. Questioned by the Mirror, the Palace did not want to comment on this information. However, an anonymous source told the Sunday Time that it would be “completely inappropriate” to discuss the role of the Queen’s grandchildren, but not those of her husband.

I hope they will be sitting in Iceland”

With the coronation just weeks away, Archie and Lilibet’s parents have received their invitation. However, Meghan and Harry must prepare for a frosty reception from some officials. “One of them told me, ‘I hope they sit in Iceland,'” an insider told the MailOnline. He added: “A lot of the [royal] family don’t want anything to do with them anymore. If they have to see them at the coronation, so be it, but they don’t want to socialize with them.” If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attend the ceremony, they are not expected to take part in the formal appearance on the balcony.

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