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Inheritance of Elizabeth II: Prince Andrew complains about being left out!

Prince Andrew feels stifled: the “favorite son” of Queen Elizabeth II is in any case not the “favorite brother” of King Charles III who does not really help him to fly on his own wings. This one would have indeed removed him from the heritage of their mother, leaving Andrew in the total incongruity, according to “The Sun”.

The son destitute. Prince Andrew has the morale in the socks: already kicked out of the Royal Lodge by King Charles III, for lack of sufficient money to maintain it, the Duke of York would also feel excluded from the heritage of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. The Sunday Sun reveals that one of the friends of Prince Andrew would have relayed his complaints: Andrew would have received nothing of the 650 million pounds that constitute the estate of his late mother.

All the fortune of Queen Elizabeth would have been passed on to Charles III, without him having, for the moment, given anything to his brothers and sisters. According to The Sun, Prince Andrew would be “stunned” to have been left out of this inheritance. According to one of his acquaintances: “He is desperate. He is a member of the family for heaven’s sake. Prince Andrew, who has always been financially supported by his mother, would not know how to make a living now that he is no longer an active member of the royal family.

A new job for Prince Andrew

According to The Mirror, Prince Andrew is reportedly lobbying his brother, Charles III, for a royal estate in case he moves. A few days ago, the king asked him to leave the Royal Lodge mansion, as part of the budget cuts imposed on the royal family. Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband has reportedly changed his plan of attack and is seeking a “big role” in the royal family. He would now offer his services to manage some of the most prestigious estates in the British Crown’s purse, including Balmoral Castle. “He is ready to take on the responsibility of a big role in the management of an estate and still thinks he is far too young to retire,” confided the same source.

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