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Sarah Ferguson lets loose! She flirts live on TV

Invited in Billy Bush’s show on the American channel Extra TV, last March 7, to promote her new novel “A Most Intriguing Lady”, Sarah Ferguson surprised the viewers by openly flirting with the host, as reported by the “Sunday Express”.

Sarah Ferguson is single and she decided to make it known. Currently on a media tour to promote her latest novel A Most Intriguing Lady, published on March 7, 2023, the Duchess of York has been making the rounds of international TV shows. On the day of the release of her book, she was the guest of Billy Bush on the American channel Extra TV. A host to say the least controversial, fired by the NBC channel following a controversy over a video dating from 2005, in which he made inappropriate comments about women in the company of Donald Trump.

But not enough to cool the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, who did not hesitate to openly flirt with his host live on television, as reported in the Sunday Express in its March 12 edition. “The 63-year-old duchess boasted of being single, going so far as to show her ringless fingers,” the magazine reports. Without going with the back of the spoon, the one nicknamed Fergie then asked his host if he was also single, before inviting him to dinner: “I love Italian food, if you want to take me to dinner. Come on, I’m single. Take me to dinner with you, Billy. I’m challenging you,” she dared, more liberated than ever.

Sarah Ferguson present at the coronation of Charles III?

The mother of princesses Beatrice and Eugenie was then asked about her presence at the coronation of Charles III which will take place on May 6, 2023. A question to which she still has no answer: “The invitations have not yet been sent, so I do not know if I will be there,” she explained. “But who really wants me there?” she continued humorously. To which Billy Bush replied, “I do.” The art of returning the favor.

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  1. God save our king. I hope and pray his coronation goes to plan. It just makes me a bit sad that what I’ve read and what I’ve seen on TV not sure if it’s true that Harry and his wife maybe there that saddens me I don’t believe they should be allowed back in the UK to be honest, it’s disgusting what he has done and he is narcissistic. Wife is a liar and a lowlife and to be perfectly honest, it’s just my own belief. I do not believe the children should be given titles The fact that Camilla would like her grandchildren there. I think it’s lovely when it comes to Prince Andrew that has to be down to the King he decides

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